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Himalayas Facts
The Himalayas Mountain Range runs
through Bhutan, Tibet, India, Nepal,
Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The Himalayas formed 70 million years ago
when the Indian and Asian plates collided.
75% of Nepal is covered by the Himalayas.
Himalayas is the highest mountain range in
the world but it is also the youngest.
Famous Mount Everest Climbers
Mount Everest has been scaled by;
• Sir Edmund Hillary…… 1st man to
successfully climb Mount Everest in
• Jordan Romero……. Youngest person
to climb Mount Everest. He was 13
when he scaled the mountain.
Jordan Romero
Sir Edmund Hillary
Living Near Mount Everest
NO ONE actually lives on the mountain but
there are a few villages on the base of
Mount Everest. Farmers, Families, Porters
and Sherpas live in the villages. Animals live
there too. Some examples of wildlife are;
Wild Yaks, Hares, Mountain Foxes, Deer,
Snow leopards, Musk Deer, Langur
Monkeys. Mountain animals are used to low
oxygen levels.
Dangers Of The Himalayan
On the 18th of September 2011 there
was an earthquake in the Himalayas.
The earthquake brought avalanches
and mudslides. It wiped out a strategic
wire foot bridge in the near town, Lukla.
Himalayan Snow Monster Myth
The Yeti or Abominable Snowman is an
ape like creature. It is taller than an
average human. It is said that it lives in
the Himalayan range. The monster has
been used for inspiration for films,
television, video games, literature, music
and even an attraction at Walt Disney
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