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Weathers devastating forces questions

To answer the questions, go to YouTube, find “weathers devastating forces” [Nature
documentary] HD time 57:27.
1. What is the most astonishing forces on earth?
2. What is causing the paper helicopters to fly in place?
3. How high can a big dust storm get?
4. How wide can a big dust storm get?
5. What is causing the dust to bounce?
6. How much sand can a large dust storm move?
7. What does water vapor need in order for it to change into rain drops?
8. How do snowflakes start off?
9. Why is fog white?
10. The louder the “pops” sound in the car means that the ___________is near?
11. What causes static to effects the radio?
12. How long is a bolt of lightning?
13. What temperature will a typical bolt reach?
14. What causes the lightbulbs to break?
15. How fast in the air does lightning exploding away?