The Gabrielino - Mrs. Pope`s Class

By:Ezbai Hernandez
Where Did They
The Gabrielino
were a Natïve
American tribe that
lived on the Southern
California coast in the
Los Angeles Basin,
Orange Countiy, parts
of western Riverside
and San Bernardino
Counties. They lived
near lakes, rivers, and
streams. They also
lived near the San
Gabriel Mountains.
The Gabrielino had
three different kinds of
homes . The Gabrielino
covered their homes with
used tule, reeds, fern, and
woven mats. They lived in
domes. The Gabrielino
domes were able to hold 50
to 60 people. The Gabrielino
also had sweat houses
where the men met to talk.
The Gabrielino built their
domes near the ocean coast
so they could avoid the
What Did They
The Gabrielino ate
different types of food. They
got food from the sea and
from the ground. From the
sea they ate tuna ,swordfish
sharks, shellfish, sea
mammals, and sea birds.
They also ate things from
the ground such as nuts
and seeds. They crushed
the food with stones. People
that lived in the foothills
also gathered acorns and
pinon nuts.
The Gabrielino jobs
were close to their homes.
The Gabrielino women
made baskets and weaved
thatch mats. They carved
and painted pots and bowls.
The Gabrielino women also
made clothing with
feathers. The Gabrielino
men used wood to make
bows and arrows for
hunting. The men also set
up traps to kill birds. Men
hunted fish and trapped
animals too. Men often
organized group huts.
The Gabrielino wore
capes made out of
deerskin. The women
wore aprons made from
bark, willow, or cotton
wood trees. The men
also wore
Celebrations and
The Gabrielino had
three ceremonies. The
ceremonies were when they
got their names when they
rememberd the dead and
fore the strong men called
yuvar. They also had three
celebrations they danced,
feasted, and sang fore
seven days. When they
danced they wore outfits
made of hawk and eagle
Interesting Facts
Girls and boys had
tattoos on their foreheads
and chins. Old women had
tattoos from their eyes to
their chests. Girls and
women also used red ocher
paint on their faces to
protect them from the sun
and wind.
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