Brady Barber and
Austin Woods
What is an autocracy govt?
An autocracy government is when a
country is ruled by a single person.
North Korea
North Korea is a great example of a
country with an autocracy government.
 The Legal system of North Korea is
dominated by the Kim family’s personality
 Kim Jong-Un rules everything in North
 The law is not fair in North Korea and
anyone not obeying or honoring Kim JongUn could be imprisoned or even killed.
The People
The people do not have many rights.
 Their homes are run down.
 Food is scarce.
 Each home must have pictures of Kim
The Structure
The country is ran by the eternal
president Kim Jong-Un.
 Kim Jong-Un was the first chairman until
his father Kim Jong-Il died.
 Some of his members of his cabinet are
Pak to Chun, Kim Jong Gak, Ju Kyu
Chang, Paek Se Bong, Choe Ryong
Hae, Kim Won Hong, and Ri Myong Su.
The Structure Cont.
There are no term limit on the leader,
the only way Kim Jong-Un will not be
leader is if he dies.
Major Issues
There is no process for elections, Kim
Jong-Un is the leader and it will stay that
 One of the major issues currently facing
the country is major poverty if you are
not in the government somehow.
 Another major issue is health care.