LC Cruise-Ketone Testing Technology - Low

Freedom Of The Seas
May 20, 2014
By Jimmy Moore
A disposable one-time use breath
ketone test called Metron was
under development from Akers
Biosciences in 2012-2013
I helped them test this meter and
showed a picture of it at the end of
my 2013 Low-Carb Cruise lecture
Michel’s epilepsy medication was
doubled ten times in the first year
after his diagnosis. After his family
noticed a BAD personality change, he
began investigating the ketogenic
diet. Michel’s frustration with urine
and blood ketones led him to look for
alternatives. When he learned you
could detect ketones in the breath, he
decided to make one himself. Today
that product is called Ketonix.
Takes place at the 2014 Epilepsy Pipeline
Update Conference in San Francisco, CA
and Michel has a chance to win $200,000
to further develop his Ketonix product
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