Powerpoint Project * Windows 8

Windows 8 is the
newest operating
system offered by
Microsoft. Its
current release
date is set for
October 26th
Windows 8’s new format is new and
innovative but, can be confusing
for most windows users. The new
format has removed the start
button in the bottom left corner
leaving people unaware of where
to begin. There will be a learning
curve for all new users getting
accustomed to the new layout.
However, those who are used to
Xbox 360 Dashboard/Windows
tablet layouts will notice
similarities, it uses the same sort
of tile layout making Windows 8
extremely tablet/touchscreen
Windows 8 has incorporated a new way to unlock your screen, not with a password,
But with a picture. You choose a personal photo and you click or touch certain areas
of the picture in any combination you choose to unlock. (I.e. you touch all the tops of
the mountains in a certain order.)
Apps have played a major part in Windows 8, in the same way you use applications on
your iPod, iPhone, Zune, tablets etc. With Windows 8 comes a built in skydrive
application, so as always anywhere you go the cloud comes with you. One of the
biggest features behind Windows 8 is connectivity, you’re able to access the
Microsoft store and the cloud and your apps all streamlined into groups to fit your
personal preferences making work and play both seamless. However, for full
usage of all the gadgets and new features you’re required to have a Windows ID
Windows 8 is supposed to be all about you and how you want to use your computer.
You can even take a USB flash drive and save your personal format, which means
if you plug your flash drive into another PC loaded with windows 8 you can
temporarily change the format to exactly what you’re used to. Windows 8
becomes quite fluid and easy to use once you get into the groove of things. Even
the transition between mouse and keyboard to touchscreen is simple and
smooth, you treat your mouse cursor the same as if it were your finger instead of
sliding a finger you just click and hold.
Windows 8 is still changing because it
hasn’t even been officially
released yet, but the consumer
preview seems relatively
promising. The main idea behind
the new OS is connectivity and
ease of use. Microsoft wants you
to be able to share and send
anything whether it’s a photo, a
website, or an e-mail. Undoubtedly
there will be more gizmos and
gadgets to come before it’s
release in the next few days.