Ffos Las (32/33 / QP/PP: 32 / TJP: 47) Zondag 12 April

Ffos Las (32/33 / QP/PP: 32 / TJP: 47) Zondag 12 April 2015
1e Koers 15:00uur - 4022 m
4e Koers 16:40uur - 5128 m
Wedmarkt: 5/2 April Dusk, 3/1 Aldborough, 3/1 Space Walker, 7/1
Summer Sounds, 10/1 Canicallyouback, 12/1 Clancy's Cross, 14/1
Broadway Blueshirt, 20/1 Tuffstuff, 33/1 Driftashore, 100/1 Fanny
Wedmarkt: 3/1 Red Devil Lads, 4/1 Top Wood, 5/1 Farbreaga, 6/1
Buachaill Alainn, 8/1 Ballybough Pat, 10/1 Rydalis, 10/1 Mountainous,
12/1 Still Believing, 12/1 Achimota
Racingpost: Aldborough and April Dusk are possible winners but if
there's sufficient cut underfoot for SPACE WALKER then Ben Pauling's
gelding could be tough to beat in receipt of weight.[Alistair
Postdata: Space Walker
Spotlight: Space Walker
RP Ratings: April Dusk
Selecties GBI: 10 Space Walker - 1 Aldborough - 7 Summer Sounds 5 Clancy's Cross
2e Koers 15:30uur - 4223 m
Wedmarkt: 4/1 Lamb's Cross, 4/1 Ravens Brook, 5/1 Zama Zama, 6/1
Matrow's Lady, 6/1 Lord Fox, 10/1 Ball Hopper, 10/1 Petit Ecuyer, 12/1
Accordingtopalm, 12/1 Bob Will, 25/1 American World
Racingpost: This drop back in trip/grade and return to forecast softer
ground could see MATROW'S LADY build on her latest effort, and she's
well handicapped if that's the case. She was a hurdles winner off 16lb
higher here in 2013 and, while she still needs to prove she's as good
over fences, certainly makes appeal off her current mark. Second
choice is last weekend's Newton Abbot winner Lamb's Cross.[Steve
Postdata: Zama Zama
Spotlight: Matrow's Lady
RP Ratings: Accordingtopalm
Racingpost: Drying ground could spell danger for Red Devil Lads and
nor would it be ideal for Mountainous, who is back on a tempting mark.
It could pay to chance RYDALIS, who has threatened after a break in
the past.[Alistair Whitehouse-Jones]
Postdata: Buachaill Alainn
Spotlight: Rydalis
RP Ratings: Red Devil Lads
Topspeed: Ballybough Pat
Selecties GBI: 2 Red Devil Lads - 3 Top Wood - 7 Buachaill Alainn - 5
5e Koers 17:10uur - 4424 m
Wedmarkt: 9/2 Golden Milan, 5/1 Rally, 6/1 Oscar Sunset, 7/1 Vif
Argent, 8/1 Irish Buccaneer, 8/1 Molly's A Diva, 10/1 Hansupfordetroit,
14/1 Hollow Tree, 14/1 Assirem, 16/1 Fishing Bridge, 20/1 Lewis, 20/1
Buck Magic, 20/1 Native Gallery, 20/1 Lamps
Racingpost: This can go the way of OSCAR SUNSET (nap), who was
one of many to surrender to desperate conditions on the track's big day
here in January and he was progressing nicely prior to that. Rally and
Vif Argent need respecting on the back of wins and so does Golden
Milan, the least exposed of them all.[Alistair Whitehouse-Jones]
Postdata: Molly's A Diva
Spotlight: Oscar Sunset
RP Ratings: Vif Argent
Topspeed: Hollow Tree
Selecties GBI: 6 Lamps - 1 Molly's A Diva - 3 Irish Buccaneer - 5
Selecties GBI: 2 Zama Zama - 1 Ravens Brook - 10 Bob Will - 4 Petit
6e Koers 17:45uur - 5128 m
3e Koers 16:05uur - 4826 m
Wedmarkt: 4/1 Charming Lad, 5/1 Expanding Universe, 5/1 The Last
Bridge, 6/1 Mac Le Couteau, 7/1 Somerby, 7/1 Victory Gunner, 8/1
West Of The Edge, 10/1 Wayward Frolic, 10/1 Chasers Chance
Wedmarkt: 7/4 Tanerko Emery, 4/1 Lookslikerainted, 4/1 Makethe
Mostofnow, 5/1 Bunclody, 7/1 Champagne Rian, 10/1 Premier Portrait
Racingpost: Some notable disappointments dropped in grade here but
TANERKO EMERY didn't run too shoddily behind a good horse at
Kelso last time and should really win this on these terms.
Lookslikerainted and Makethe Mostofnow could be dangerous in new
headgear.[Alistair Whitehouse-Jones]
Postdata: Tanerko Emery
Spotlight: Tanerko Emery
RP Ratings: Tanerko Emery
Selecties GBI: 6 Tanerko Emery - 5 Premier Portrait - 1
Lookslikerainted - 3 Champagne Rian
Racingpost: Any of the nine could win this but marginal preference is
for THE LAST BRIDGE, who will run his race and could have done
without making a mistake at the wrong time at Warwick. Mac Le
Couteau should feature provided the ground doesn't get too soft, while
Charming Lad needs respecting despite it being a bad race he won at
Plumpton.[Alistair Whitehouse-Jones]
Postdata: Charming Lad
Spotlight: The Last Bridge
RP Ratings: Somerby
Selecties GBI: 1 West Of The Edge - 6 Mac Le Couteau - 5 The Last
Bridge - 4 Expanding Universe
Toteplacepot voorbeeldticket
Prijs: 6,40
Race 1 10 Space Walker - 1 Aldborough
Race 2 2 Zama Zama - 1 Ravens Brook
Race 3 6 Tanerko Emery - 5 Premier Portrait
Race 4 2 Red Devil Lads - 3 Top Wood
Race 5 6 Lamps - 1 Molly's A Diva
Race 6 1 West Of The Edge - 6 Mac Le Couteau
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