Wincanton (30 / QP/PP: 30) Zaterdag 14 Februari 2015

Wincanton (30 / QP/PP: 30) Zaterdag 14 Februari 2015
1e Koers 14:20uur - 4424 m
4e Koers 16:05uur - 3218 m
Wedmarkt: 15/2 Scales, 15/2 Proud Times, 8/1 Easy Beesy, 11/1
Masterful Act, 12/1 Rior, 12/1 Haverstock, 12/1 Positive Vibes, 12/1
Friendly Society, 14/1 Urban Storm, 14/1 Onwiththeparty, 14/1
Lamblord, 14/1 Tea Time Fred, 14/1 Eddy, 16/1 Bostin, 16/1 City
Supreme, 16/1 Worldor, 20/1 Thats Yer Man, 22/1 Zephyr, 25/1
Zakatal, 33/1 Karl Marx, 33/1 Mogestic
Wedmarkt: 3/1 Croco Bay, 4/1 My Brother Sylvest, 9/2 Tanks For That,
11/2 Arkaim, 7/1 Cold March, 7/1 Oscar Hill, 8/1 Keel Haul
Racingpost: Hardly a prolific bunch and a chance is taken on CITY
SUPREME, who on breeding at any rate should find this trip more
suitable on his handicap debut. Rior could be interesting after a break
and others to bear in mind are Masterful Act and Proud Times.[Alistair
Postdata: Positive Vibes
Spotlight: City Supreme
RP Ratings: Proud Times
Racingpost: This could be run at a right clip should Oscar Hill, Arkaim
and My Brother Sylvest do their usual thing and that would suit COLD
MARCH (nap), an assured stayer who could have done without hitting
the front quite so early when throwing it away at Kempton.[Alistair
Postdata: Arkaim
Spotlight: Cold March
RP Ratings: Croco Bay
Topspeed: Croco Bay
Selecties GBI: 6 Arkaim - 1 Croco Bay - 3 My Brother Sylvest - 7 Keel
5e Koers 16:35uur - 3218 m
Selecties GBI: 17 Positive Vibes - 13 Scales - 4 Lamblord - 6 Friendly
2e Koers 14:55uur - 4122 m
Wedmarkt: 5/2 Toowoomba, 11/4 Opening Batsman, 11/2 Upepito, 6/1
Key To The West, 6/1 Harry's Farewell, 13/2 Winston Churchill
Racingpost: Harry's Farewell was off colour when behind Winston
Churchill last time and both could figure, but TOOWOOMBA is looking
really progressive and can defy his rise in the weights. Upepito can also
go well with this longer trip expected to benefit him.[Alistair
Postdata: Toowoomba
Spotlight: Toowoomba
RP Ratings: Toowoomba
Topspeed: Upepito
Wedmarkt: 2/1 Irving, 2/1 Sign Of A Victory, 7/2 Blue Heron, 11/2 Hint
Of Mint, 14/1 Gentleman Jon, 50/1 Byron Blue
Racingpost: IRVING and Sign Of A Victory need to bounce back from
their Kempton disappointments but the selection did have a valid
excuse and he could be the better horse on this ground. Blue Heron
beat them both at Christmas but will do well to repeat that feat.[Alistair
Postdata: Irving
Spotlight: Irving
RP Ratings: Sign Of A Victory
Topspeed: Irving
Selecties GBI: 3 Sign Of A Victory - 2 Blue Heron - 6 Hint Of Mint - 4
Byron Blue
6e Koers 17:10uur - 3218 m
Selecties GBI: 5 Toowoomba - 6 Winston Churchill - 4 Harry's Farewell
- 3 Opening Batsman
3e Koers 15:30uur - 4424 m
Wedmarkt: 5/1 Southfield Vic, 11/2 Serienschock, 8/1 Pride In Battle,
8/1 Hawkhill, 9/1 Cyclop, 9/1 Man Of Leisure, 10/1 Oscar Prairie, 10/1
Sporting Boy, 10/1 Themanfrom Minella, 11/1 Here's Herbie, 12/1
Letemgo, 16/1 Kudu Shine
Racingpost: Man Of Leisure can do better back on a sound surface
with a couple of runs behind him, while the unexposed Southfield Vic is
still of interest off this mark. THEMANFROM MINELLA is another who
hasn't had much racing though and he can step up on his latest second
at Leicester now returning to a longer trip.[Paul Smith]
Postdata: Serienschock
Spotlight: Themanfrom Minella
RP Ratings: Serienschock
Topspeed: Cyclop
Wedmarkt: 1/4 Zarib, 11/1 Courtlands Prince, 12/1 Horace Hazel, 20/1
Hoy Hoy, 20/1 Honkytonktennessee, 25/1 Alezanna, 25/1 Memphis
Magic, 33/1 Bien Faire, 33/1 Prince Of Thieves, 33/1 Aston Cantlow,
50/1 Water Rail, 66/1 Another Luso, 100/1 Indian Jack
Racingpost: With most of these having plenty to prove, ZARIB can
record his second win over hurdles. His latest third in a Grade 2 juvenile
event at Cheltenham sets the standard and he can cement a place at
the Festival here. Of the remainder, most will be of more interest when
handicapping but both Courtlands Prince and Honkytonktennessee
have the raw ability to go well.[Paul Smith]
Postdata: Zarib
Spotlight: Zarib
RP Ratings: Zarib
Selecties GBI: 6 Horace Hazel - 11 Zarib - 2 Aston Cantlow - 13 Hoy
Selecties GBI: 3 Southfield Vic - 10 Pride In Battle - 8 Here's Herbie - 7
Themanfrom Minella
Toteplacepot voorbeeldticket
Race 1 17 Positive Vibes - 13 Scales
Race 2 5 Toowoomba - 6 Winston Churchill
Race 3 3 Southfield Vic - 10 Pride In Battle
Race 4 6 Arkaim - 1 Croco Bay
Race 5 3 Sign Of A Victory - 2 Blue Heron
Race 6 6 Horace Hazel - 11 Zarib
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