Tedy Bruschi
By Jack Brand
Tedy’s Childhood
• Tedy was born on June 9, 1973 and he
grew up in San Francisco CA.
• When Tedy was only five his parents
divorced and he lived with his mom and his
brother and sister.
• He was teased because of his ethnic
background, Filipino and Italian, it’s a
unusual combination.
His Football Career
• Tedy was drafted by the Patriots in 1996.
• In 2001 he won the super bowl and two
more times in 2003 and in 2004.
• He’s played in a pro bowl.
• Days after the 2005 pro bowl he had a
stroke and thought he was going to retire.
His Return
• One day his brother Tony called and said
he could play again, but it was a hard
• Eight months after he had a stroke Tedy
played in his first football game again.