Beatrice`s Goat

Harry received a special _____
on his birthday.
a) schoolhouse
b) gift
c) yearned
d) tend
gift – noun – something
given to someone;
such as a present
The school team ______ for
the chance to play
a) gift
b) tend
c) yearned
d) sturdy
yearned – verb – felt
a strong and deep
It was the farmer’s job to ____
to the chickens and make sure
they had enough food.
a) tend
b) sturdy
c) kindhearted
d) produce
tend – verb – to look
after or take care
of something
A new table is very _____, and
we are able to put many heavy
boxes on it.
a) sturdy
b) kindhearted
c) produce
d) schoolhouse
sturdy – adjective –
strong or solid
The ________ woman put food
outside her house for birds to
eat during the winter.
a) yearned
b) tend
c) sturdy
d) kindhearted
kindhearted – adjective
– having or showing a
friendly or gentle
The class was asked to ______
a play about the signing of the
declaration of Independence.
a) kindhearted
b) produce
c) schoolhouse
d) gift
produce – verb – to
make or create
On Friday night, a dance was
held at the ________.
a) produce
b) schoolhouse
c) gift
d) yearned
schoolhouse – noun – a
building used as a
Susan Ging Lent Production
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