Poisonous Thoughts & Antidotes


Poisonous Thoughts

Turning Them Into Cures…

Some feelings tools don’t work very well like: 1. Bottling things up: I feel like I`m going to explode! It`s hard to do and it makes things worse.

2. Getting angry: some thing like shouting at my brother. Being angry feels good at the time but afterwards you feel upset.

Making things worse is easy, so… •

If some one is getting on your nerves just walk away from them. You will probably want to go to sit down or find some one else to play with

If you don’t want to get on any body’s nerves, smile and be nice to them (like making them laugh).

If you get bullied, just go and tell a grownup.

Remember to say to yourself:

Poisonous thoughts and antidotes Some thoughts are like poisons and make us feel bad.

Some thoughts are like medicine and make us feel better.




• I’m stupid • I’m not very pretty • At least I like school dinners.

• I can’t do that.

• Everyone makes mistakes sometimes • I’ll just keep on trying • I hate school. • I can’t find it • It won’t work • I’m rubbish at this.

• I’m getting better at this

Changing poisons to medicines • I sometimes think I`m not that good with my work.

 But yesterday I did 1 whole page and a half.

• I some times think friends.

I don`t have any  But I do have friends and I will get more.

• I sometimes think I hate school  I do love Friday afternoons at school.