The Governor : Lachlan Macquarie 1810

Governor Lachlan Macquarie
ML 36
Macquarie: The Initiator
Governor Macquarie
*Governor from 1810-1821
*established law and order
*was a man with a great vision for a new nation
*best remembered for his major public building
South Head Light House, NSW
Dollar and Dumps
DN/C 455-515, 516-637
Emancipation, Education and Aboriginal Relations
Governor Macquarie
*believed everyone deserved a ‘fair go’
*opened 15 schools during his
*befriended and consulted the
Aboriginals including Boon-ga-ree
Female Orphan School 1824
DSM/C 989
One of the NSW
Aborigines befriended by
Governor Macquarie
ML 696
Extending The Boundaries
Governor Macquarie
*supported exploration and expansion of
the colony
*embarked on his own expeditions and
made numerous inspections of the
*founded Liverpool, Richmond, Windsor,
Wilberforce, Castlereigh, Pitt Town,
Bathurst and Port Macquarie.
*encouraged Blaxland, Lawson and
Wentworth to pioneer a route over the
Blue Mountains.
Gregory Blaxland
Opposition to Governor Macquarie
Governor Macquarie
*faced strong opposition from
important people
*was highly criticised by John
Thomas Bigge, the inspector
sent from England
*was despised by Rev. Samuel
Marsden who refused to work
with emancipists
*continued to develop Sydney
despite this opposition
John Thomas Bigge
PM 153
Rev. Samuel Marsden
ML 29
Macquarie and his Family
Elizabeth Macquarie
*married Lachlan
Macquarie in 1807
*also contributed to the
development of the
*landscaped the Domain
and the Government
House grounds
*had one son, Lachlan,
in 1814
Elizabeth Macquarie
MIN 237
Lachlan Macquarie Jnr.
MIN 72
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