Power Point - GlobalEd Network Central Ohio

International Education Network of Central
Educational Service Center of Central Ohio
October 3, 2012
• Introductions
• District sharing
Recap of IENCO 2012
January Summit with Fernando Reimers
Asset mapping
Identifying priorities
• Global Scholars Diploma
• Community Engagement Toolkit
• Meeting - Summit/Showcase
Update on Grant Proposals
Martha Holden Jennings Foundation
Longview Foundation
Thank you to the districts who provided support
For Your Input
Fact sheet
Focus Groups
Joining the ONET Ning
•Go to http://onetohio.ning.com/
• Fill in the required information.
•Go to “Groups”.
•Join the IENCO group.
Work for the 2012-2013 School Year
Define the requirements for a Global
Scholars Diploma.
Create a Community Engagement Toolkit.
Showcase Global Education at a June
2013 event and through other
communication channels.
National Advisory Committee
To ensure that we are using best practices and are in step with what is
happening nationally there will be periodic consultation with a National
Advisory Committee:
Kate Berseth
Education First
Bill Hiller
Martha Holden Jennings Foundation
Jennifer Manise
Longview Foundation
Cary McCall
Special Advisor to the President for Council on Foreign
Martin Riant
Group President of Global Baby Care for Procter & Gamble
Asia Society
Amy Westby
World Savvy
The World Affairs Councils of America will also be involved.
Working Groups
•Make sure that everyone can log into the Ning to view
•Choose, edit and rank goals for your project and tape
them to the chart paper.
•Choose a note taker to record next steps for the group
and upload to Ning.
•Schedule a conversation before the December meeting.
(conference call or meeting) to review goals and begin to
generate options for meeting each one.
Meetings for this School Year
October 3– IENCO meeting
November – working groups
December 5 – IENCO meeting
January – working groups
February – focus groups for Global Scholars Diploma
March – IENCO meeting
April – Release materials to network on the Ning
June – Showcase event
International Education Week
November 12-16, 2012
USDOE web site:
Check out the online Global Education
Conference that week at
Next Steps
Working Group conversations to
complete the template located on the
Longview Foundation notification in
December 5 meeting
Thank you!
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