Power Point - GlobalEd Network Central Ohio

Global Education Network of Central Ohio
December 5, 2012
Educational Service Center of
Central Ohio
Columbus Council on World Affairs
• Events
• Newsletter
• Opportunities
National Advisory Committee
To ensure that we are using best practices and are in step with what is happening
nationally there will be periodic consultation with a National Advisory Committee:
Kate Berseth
Education First
Bill Hiller
Martha Holden Jennings Foundation
Jennifer Manise
Longview Foundation
Cary McCall
Special Advisor to the President for Council on Foreign Relations
Fernando Reimers
Harvard Global Think Tank
Martin Riant
Group President of Global Baby Care for Procter & Gamble
Heather Singmaster
Asia Society
Amy Westby
World Savvy
Working Groups
Global Scholars Diploma
Community Engagement Toolkit
Global Education Showcase
Global Education Showcase
• Partnering with New Albany Plain Local School District
• Keynote speaker – Yong Zhao, Associate Dean for
Global Education, University of Oregon
June 18 Evening event for community members
June 19 Event for teachers and administrators
• The Global Report 2012
• Messages customized to central Ohio
• Support for the adoption of the Global Scholars
The Global Scholars Diploma
A combination of:
Communication Skills
Extracurricular Activities
Contributions to the Global Community
Cross Cultural Experience
Demonstration of Global Knowledge
Task for Working Groups
• Goals
• Drafts
• Questions/issues
• Next steps
The Ohio State University
The Global Option
Dr. Esther Gottlieb
The Office of International Affairs
Global Scholars Diploma
Discussion Questions
1. What are student, parent, district, and business
motivations for supporting the diploma?
2. Will the proposed requirements result in
increased global competence?
3. How do we balance flexibility and consistency?
4. What will schools need the most help with?
5. What are some challenges to adoption and
Joining the ONET Ning
•Go to http://onetohio.ning.com/
• Fill in the required information.
•Go to “Groups”.
•Join the GENCO group.