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Creating a Safe Haven
Or… Fulfilling a promise for a safe, fun, fair and
positive environment for experiencing the benefits of
youth sports.
Creating a Safe Haven
The Safe Haven program supports the creation of a
“safe haven” by:
Registering and Screening all Volunteers
Requiring Training and Certification
Providing Child and Volunteer Protection
Promoting Safety and Injury Prevention
A 44-year old man who coaches soccer for an AYSO
team is accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old, but
not a soccer player, police said today.
AYSO is not immune from society at large.
Volunteer Requirements
For protection under the Volunteer Protection Act and
applicable laws, AYSO requires all volunteers to:
– Sign and submit a Volunteer Application every year,
– Be authorized to do their job,
– Act within the scope of their Job Descriptions and
AYSO’s policies, procedures and guidelines,
– Complete Safe Haven Training and
– Be properly trained in their jobs.
• Volunteer forms-free! Player Forms-25¢
• Parents/Volunteers complete and eSign their
Registration/Volunteer Applications online in eAYSO.
• eSigned Player and Volunteer forms do not have to be
stored at the Region level after the season.
• eSigned volunteer forms are available immediately to
Safe Haven for background checking and do not have
to be mailed to the AYSO National Office.
• All Regions should use eSignature!
Volunteer Screening
• AYSO’s National Background Check Policy is
used to determine volunteer eligibility:
• Crimes of a sexual nature – ineligible forever
• Crimes of violence – 20 yrs
• Substance abuse – 5-10 yrs (Coaching/Officiating)
• Theft, fraud – 15 yrs (Board Member-funds)
• Miscellaneous crimes – 5 yrs (Coaching)
• DUI – 3 yrs (Coaching)
What are the risks?
• Unregistered Volunteer?
• Sex Offender could be around children
• Volunteer not covered by S.A.I. for an injury
• Region not covered by for incident resulting from the
un-registered volunteer
• No Volunteer Application on file?
• Cannot run criminal background checks
• Poses risk to children, volunteers and funds
What are the risks?
• Untrained Coach, Referee or Board Member?
• Children may not protected
• Volunteers may be vulnerable to liabilities
• Region may not be covered by General Liability
• The AYSO experience will not be as designed
Assembly Member Lara introduces legislation affecting
mandated reporting in non-profit organizations and
requiring volunteer training.
AYSO’s Safe Haven
One course for all AYSO volunteers.
Over 39,000 certifications were earned in 2011.
80% earned online.
Key Messages
• Our programming uniquely features our six
philosophies and supports the vision of enriching
children’s lives.
• AYSO is legally required or morally obligated to
report suspected abuse.
• Abuses can occur between players and supervising
adults can be liable.
• It takes a village – everyone must role model the
types of sporting behavior essential to the AYSO
experience and promote safety first.
Refugio Seguro de AYSO
STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Joe Paterno, who has the
most victories of any coach in major college football
history, was fired by Penn State on Wednesday night in
the wake of a sexual abuse scandal involving a
prominent former assistant coach and the university’s
failure to act to halt further harm.
Preventing Abuse
• Screening who volunteers in the AYSO program is
just the first step.
• Training volunteers to recognize abuse and abusive
behavior is necessary to report and stop abuse.
• It would all be meaningless unless we implement
policies and guidelines to prevent opportunities for
abuse to occur.
• Experts agree that is also important to foster
positive self-images, a safe environment and the
courage in our players to speak up.
FROSTPROOF--A female color guard coach and paraeducator at Frostproof Middle / Senior High School is
facing criminal charges for an alleged Facebook chat with a
Educator is charged with transmission of harmful material
to a minor for the online conversation.
Protection Guidelines
Social Media & Electronic Communications
• Volunteers should maintain transparency and not
engage in private electronic messages or conversations
with minors.
• Messages should be conveyed through parents or in
the case of older players, copied to parents. This
includes emails, text messages, instant messaging and
postings on social networking sites.
• Protect the identity and privacy of children at all times.
Do not post names of players with pictures or rosters
on public pages.
Shutterfly Team Sites
CDC Heads Up! Concussion Training Saved My Life
“My coach pulled me out of practice (and) then sent me to
the school′s athletic trainer. The athletic trainer made an
appointment for me to see a neurologist the next day. The
neurologist believes this decision (to remove me from
practice) saved my life,” Cole said.
Concussion Recommendations
• Use the AYSO/CDC Concussion
Information Sheet to inform all
parents and players.
• Encourage ALL coaches, referees,
and Section, Area and Region
Board Members to take the CDC’s
free online Concussion Awareness
CDC Heads Up! Training
Concussion Recommendations
• Any player suspected of having a concussion
by the coach, referee or parent, must be
removed from further participation for at least
the remainder of the day, and
• Parents should be encouraged to seek
professional medical treatment at the time of
injury and secure medical clearance before
being allowed to return to play.
Concussion Recommendations
• In all cases, AYSO will require the parent to
sign a new Participation Release Form which
includes a concussion waiver confirming that
the player has been given the appropriate
clearance to return to play.
Bentonville Fourth Grader Dies After Goal Post Accident
Nine-year-old Jonathan Nelson died Wednesday after a
soccer goal post at Elm Tree Elementary flipped and hit
him in the head.
Goalpost Safety
• Goalpost accidents kill at least one child and injure
hundreds annually.
• Illinois has passed state legislation requiring tipresistant soccer goals by August, 2012.
• AYSO recommends use of the Consumer Product
Safety Council’s Goalpost Guidelines for portable
Goalpost Safety
• Goals must be anchored, staked and counterweighted when in use.
• Without counter-weights, the sturdiest of goalposts
can be blown over by a gust of wind.
• When not in use, goalpost should be dismantled
and/or stored securely (locked to fence or face-toface)
• Children should never be allowed to climb or play
on goalposts.
CASTLE ROCK, Colo. – A teenager was mowing the lawn
and listening to his iPod at his home in Castle Rock on
Sunday when he was struck by lightning.
Every AYSO event should have a lightning safety plan.
The NCAA and USSF recommend:
When thunder is heard it is within striking distance –
seek shelter immediately. Lightning can strike as far as
10 miles from where it is raining.
Do not restart games until no thunder has been heard
for 30 minutes or the ALL CLEAR SIREN has been
sounded in areas with a lightning detection system.
Parent's arrest ends Decatur football game
Decatur High School's football game ended early Friday
night after a parent rushed onto the field to defend his
son, officials said. The parent was arrested for disorderly
conduct after entering the field of play with 8:52 left on
the clock.
AYSO Parent’s Page
AYSO Role Models
• Create an environment that enriches children’s lives.
• Promote the benefits of soccer and sport.
• While performing volunteer duties, remember the
reasons kids play sports.
• Model and promote good sportsmanship.
• Model ethical conduct.
• Foster a “safe” learning environment.
• Participate in continuing education.
Kids Zone Sidelines
Spectators agree to respect the following rules:
Kids are # 1
Fun, not winning is everything
Fans only cheer, only coaches coach
No yelling in anger
Respect the volunteer referees
No swearing
No alcohol, tobacco products or other controlled substances
No weapons
Leave no trash behind
Set a proper example of Good Sportsmanship
AYSO Incident Report
An Incident Report is required whenever there is a
serious incident involving AYSO participants,
activities, facilities, or property including:
Threats of bodily harm
Property damage
Law Enforcement
Remember, it’s for the Kids
and Great Soccer Starts Here!
Thank you for volunteering to bring a quality
youth soccer program to your community
and for supporting the AYSO philosophies.
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