CLS from the Patron`s view

CLS from the Patron’s view
with system interactions noted
Which data is used?
Bib ID
Users don’t need to be in
ALADIN in many cases
Request Form
CLS status is updated as items are charged
in Voyager (part of normal staff workflow)
Staff don’t need to update loans in CLS
MyAladin home
CLS Activity
Articles are different
Help for staff
Web Delivery
via MyAladin
Clean up
Archiving requests
Purging documents
Request purges
Return books without CLS
How much use does CLS get?
Fiscal year 2010
125,593 loans
18,395 articles
Fiscal year 2011 (through end of April)
114,153 loans
18,141 articles
How much does SCF do?
Fiscal year 2010
5,651 loans (4.5% of total)
8,738 articles (47% of total)
Fiscal year 2011 (through end of April)
5,101 loans (4.5% of total)
6,906 articles (38% of total)
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