2014-2015 BAB
General Membership Meeting
February 2, 2015
President’s Report
Beth O’Donnell
1st Vice President’s Report
Ron Ring
March Madness Party
March 21st
Update on the March Madness event on 3/21/14:
2nd Vice President’s Report
Chip Bell
Secretary’s Report
Mary Grace
BEE Athletic Boosters Meeting
December 1, 2014
Attendees: Dan Kalinsky, Mary Grace Dimitrijevs, Beth O’Donnell, Ann DeMore,
JoAnn Farwell, Tim Frajter, Donna Nowacki, Ron Ring.
President, Beth O’Donnell, called the meeting to order at 7:07.
President, Beth O’Donnell:
Thank you to all officers, committee members and Dan Kalinsky for all of the time and
effort that has been put into Boosters this year.
Thank you to Ron Ring for speaking at Fall Sports Recognition Night.
Sound panels are working, but other components should make more improvement.
First Vice President, Ron Ring:
March 21 is the March Madness fundraiser. It will be at St. Sava again, but there will
be some additional costs.
Committee chairs are chosen, but committee members are still be recruited.
There will be paper tickets and Internet ticket sales. Paper tickets will be ready by
. 1 so that sales may begin.
A sound system will be needed to announce winners at the event.
Team reps. should be working on baskets.
Second Vice President, Chip Bell:
Nothing to report.
Secretary, Mary Grace Dimitrijevs:
Nothing to report.
Ron Ring made a motion to approve the November Regular minutes. JoAnn Farwell
seconded the motion. JoAnn Farwell made a motion to approve the November
Executive minutes. Ron Ring seconded the motion. A voice vote was held. The motion
Treasurer, JoAnn Farwell:
$1,750 in deposits since the last meeting.
$38,000 current cash balance.
Membership will vote on financial report next month.
Membership, Julie Seballos:
No new membership activity.
Jennifer Starinsky asks reps to get more members from winter teams.
Team Reports, Jennifer Starinsky (Not Present):
Gymnastics team is going for another consecutive state championship.
January 18 is The Beauty and The Beast gymnastics/wrestling competition.
High School Athletic Director, Dan Kalinsky:
Girls’ basketball team has a new coach.
Boys’ basketball has their first game on Friday.
Swimming has started.
The high school will be hosting the holiday wrestling tournament Dec. 29-30. They are
The turf project will happen this summer with funds from the school board, athletic
dept., athletic teams, and the boosters.
Tennis committee is researching options for improving/replacing courts.
Cheerleaders won the SWC competition.
Allocation Requests:
Volleyball will be making a request in the near future.
The bowling team is requesting $70 a week/$840 a year for lane fees. The team
consists of 11 bowlers.
Old Business:
April 24-25 will be the dates for the Easter Seals Fundraiser and metal recycling drive.
New Business:
Community donations are being accepted for the turf project.
Scott Prebels published an article on planning for turf project.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:39 p.m.
BEE Athletic Boosters
Executive Meeting
December 1, 2014
Attendees: Beth O’Donnell, Dan Kalinsky, Mary Grace Dimitrijevs, JoAnn Farwell and
Ron Ring.
President, Beth O’Donnell, called the meeting to order at 7:46.
Items discussed:
The bowling allocation request of $840 was discussed. It was proposed that the
boosters donate $420 with concession opportunities for the bowling team to make up
the difference.
The boosters appreciate the bowling team’s participation with working concessions and
donating a basket to the fundraiser.
Ron will call a meeting with fundraising committee chairs, as the March Madness event
gets closer.
The January meeting will be canceled and the February meeting will be held at The
Pickle Works in an effort to boost attendance. The social event will be used to get
people to sign up for the March Madness fundraiser committees.
The concessions and 50/50 position is too much for 2 people. A discussion about how
other high schools handle this position was held and a future discussion will be held to
decide how to proceed in the future.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 P.M.
Treasurer’s Report
JoAnne Farwell
November financials will be approved
at next meeting.
Membership Report
Julie Seballos
Team Report
Jennifer Starinsky
Athletic Department
High School
Dan Kalinsky
Athletic Department
Middle School
Andy Fisher
Allocation Requests:
Athletic Department
Allocation Requests
Approved by Executive Board
at the October Meeting:
BAB Old Business
• April 24 and 25: Easter
Seals Event
• Recycle Project –
Timeframe, Volunteers???
BAB New Business
Thank You’s:
Team Reps for volunteering and
keeping your teams in the
Officers for continued work
behind the scenes!
For attending tonight’s meeting!
Next meeting is March 2, 2015
This will be an important meeting as we
will be making all final plans for the
March Maddness Event on the March
Thank You for
Attending Your Bees
Athletic Boosters
• It’s amazing how much you can
accomplish when it does not matter who
gets the credit
• Author Unknown