Novi Middle School Gettysburg/Washington D.C. Trip

Novi Middle School
8th Grade
Washington D.C. Trip
November 4-8, 2015
Goals of the Trip
This trip will…
• Bring history alive for students, increasing
their appreciation and understanding of the
• Develop the students’ interpersonal skills as
they “live together” for more than three days.
• Enable students to grow individually in
assuming responsibility for themselves.
Day 1 - Thursday*
• Depart Wednesday 8 p.m.
• Breakfast
• Arlington Cemetery
• Iwo Jima Memorial
• FDR & MLK Memorials
• Pentagon 9/11 Memorial
• Lunch
• National Portrait Gallery
• Newseum
• Dinner
• Jefferson Memorial
• Lincoln Memorial
*Trip itinerary subject
to change
Day 2 - Friday
U. S. Capitol Tour
Supreme Court
Library of Congress
National Archives
White House Photos
Ford’s Theatre &
Petersen House
• Dinner
• Recreation Center
– Swim and Gym
Day 3 - Saturday
Washington Monument
WW II Memorial
Vietnam War Memorial
Korean War Memorial
Smithsonian Complex
– American History
– Natural History
– Air & Space
• Dinner
• Drive home through
the night
Day 4 - Sunday
• Return home (early a.m.)
*All meals included
*Tax and tips included
Tour Company
• “Committed to providing exceptional
service, superior safety, and memories
that will last a lifetime”
• Located in Charlottesville, VA
• Founded in 1967
• Contact Person: Shanna Jeffrey
Hotel Accommodations
Doubletree Crystal City
Arlington, VA
Doubletree Crystal City is just
minutes from downtown D.C.
Trip Security
• Chaperones = 1 per 12 students
• Nighttime Security Chaperones
- 10pm - 5am
- Stationed on each floor on which
the students are housed
• Licensed Tour Guides
• 24 hour contact service
- Bracelets w/ contact information
• Trip liability insurance
• Forms will be available in the fall for
prescription and over-the-counter
• The forms and medications are due
to the counseling office at least one
week prior to the trip.
• Each group’s chaperone disperses the
medicine as needed.
$669 total cost based upon 4/room
(but you will save $25 from this price
if you register by 1/31/15)
To guarantee a spot on the trip…
$49 deposit must be paid to Worldstrides
by 1/31/15
The Balance Owed
$620 balance is due by 2/25/15
($595 balance if registered by 1/31/15)
--This does NOT include the optional $99 Full Refund
Program which will be explained later
Pay through installments by
• Mail, Phone, Online
– $6 charge for each payment
• EZ Pay
– automatic withdrawal from checking
– no extra charge
Payment Plan
• Trip ID Number= 113958
• Payments of $150 due 2/25, 4/25, & 6/25
• Remaining balance due 8/21/15
• All checks sent directly to & payable to:
• Late Fees
– $15 late fee for missed installment
– $60 late fee for missed final installment
Full Refund Program
• F.R.P. participation is optional
– Over 50% in Novi, and up to 70% across U.S., choose to
do this plan.
– Additional cost of $99
– Full refund--not including
• $99 F.R.P.
• $49 initial deposit ($99 after 1/31/15)
• any handling and/or late fees
– You must cancel trip prior to the group’s departure.
– Please read registration letter carefully for more
information regarding F.R.P.
• Without F.R.P.:
– WorldStrides retains 100% of tour price if you cancel
less than 44 days prior to departure.
– Be sure to check the F.R.P. box if you do NOT want it.
FLAG Scholarships
• Available through WorldStrides
• Available to families with an annual
adjusted gross income (AGI) under
• Available on a first come, first served basis
• Contact WorldStrides for more information
Sign-up for My Trip
• My Trip is a site provided by WorldStrides
for parents to get updates about the trip.
• After registering for the trip, you will
receive an email asking you to register for
• Updates and requests will be sent through
this site. It is very important that you are
in this information loop!
Behavior Contracts
• What behaviors lead to a student’s
removal from the trip prior to
departing from Novi?
– Students will turn in a behavior contract at the
beginning of February. Violation of this contract will
cause the student to be removed from the trip.
• What happens if a student needs to
be sent home during the trip?
Hoody & Long Sleeve Shirt
--request a shirt size afterward through an
email sent out by Worldstrides Personnel
*NOT while you are registering!*
--adult sizes: S, M, L, XL
--remember: your child will likely GROW!
Fall Organizational Meeting
• Mandatory parent meeting in October
2015 to finalize plans for the trip to
Washington D.C.
• Items we will discuss include:
-what to pack
-student expectations
-medical forms
-answer questions that you and/or
your child may have
• Novi Middle School
• Contact Person: Kenny Fenchel
• 248-449-1600
• [email protected]
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