TRS Overview - Parchment Exchange

For the NCAA Eligibility Center
Docufide provides e-transcript sender services to several
thousand high schools; directly, through statewide initiatives,
and via partnerships like Naviance.
To send requested transcripts to the NCAA, Schools
not already signed up with Docufide may register
for the free eduDOCS service, providing the NCAA,
the student-athletes and their record holding
schools with:
◦ A simplified workflow for student request processing at
time of registration with the NCAA
◦ An online request checklist available to school admin
◦ A free tool to electronically deliver NCAA requested
◦ A means to vastly shorten the timeframe from request
through delivery, with full delivery tracking throughout the
eduDOCS is a free service provided to all high schools that process
transcripts to NCAA. The service works by capturing your current
transcript file, delivering it electronically and securely to NCAA
through Docufide.
Registration and setup can be accomplished in 15 minutes or less.
Any high school or college can register to receive requests
through Docufide’s provided registration site.
Once registered schools receive TRS requests in a simple
online checklist, processing transcripts back to NCAA through
Docufide’s provided web upload or eduDOCS client.
Transcripts are delivered electronically to NCAA in the format
they prefer, with an email confirmation provided when the
document is received.
Gain more information, view an online
tutorial, and register today at:
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