Performance Improvement Certification for Indistar Schools (PIC-I)

Certified School for Improved
Performance - Indistar®
The Institute for Performance
1. Set a quality standard for collaborative team work
and effective practice related to school
2. Recognize the demonstration of collaborative team
work, effective practice, and evidence of actual and
sustainable improvement.
3. Establish an independent agency to administer the
certification for Indistar schools.
Benefits of Certification
1. Better schools; improved student learning.
2. Benchmarking successful school practices to
optimize Indistar® use in all schools.
3. Recognize schools for collaborative work, effective
practice, and evidence of actual improvement.
4. Address systemic barriers to improvement and
Who May Apply?
Schools that have used Indistar® for at
least two years.
What Does Certification Require?
• All Leadership Team members attend a virtual Orientation –
review the standards and application process.
• Leadership Team:
– Commits to a Code of Conduct.
– Completes application, documenting meeting the ten standards.
• Principal and one other member of the Leadership Team are
candidates for or recipients of the Certified School
Improvement Specialist (CSIS) designation.
• Provide evidence of improvement in student growth
outcomes (assessment scores, graduation rates, etc.) achieved
– Effective collaborative leadership.
– Professional practice through Indistar® indicators.
– Addressing systemic barriers to improvement and sustainability.
What Does Certification Cost?
• $250 per leadership team member for the virtual
• $695 each for the Principal and one member of the
Leadership Team for the CSIS certification.
• $695 per school
– $695 for Recertification of the school every three years
Two Certifications
Both are based on a common set of standards
1. For people - Certified School Improvement Specialist
• For the principal and one other person on or working
with the leadership team
2. For the school - Certified School for Improved
Performance – Indistar® (CSIP-I)
• For the school as a whole
Both require evidence of sustained improvement
Ten CSIS & CSIP-I Standards
Analyze and Apply Critical Judgment
Facilitate Deriving Meaning and Engagement
Focus on Systemic Factors
Plan and Record
Organize and Manage Efforts and Resources
Guide and Focus Collaborative Improvement
Build Capacity
Demonstrate Organizational Sensitivity
Monitor Accountability and Adoption
Implement for Sustainability
Certification for School Improvement
Specialists/Coaches and Leaders
• The national Certified School Improvement Specialist
(CSIS) certification:
– A portable certification for those who facilitate the
collaborative improvement process based on work in
Indistar™ schools process against the same standards.
– Individual applications go through a double-blind review.
• Earn recognition of your proficiency in facilitation of
the improvement process.
Tools and Training
• The School Improvement Specialist Field Guide
available at Indistar® schools use
code D13194 for a 15% discount.
– Each chapter aligns to one of the ten standards.
– Download improvement facilitation tools for free.
• Watch for announcements of the Launch national
training program for School Improvement Specialists
beginning in the 2013-2014 school year.
Next Steps
• We will be forming an advisory team from
Indistar® SEAs for input on the Code of Conduct,
and the specific school certification
• Let us know if you want to help!
• Goal: Ready to roll for 2013-14 school year.