Alexandria PowerPoint

PLTI Webinar Alexandria
Bill Campbell
School Board Member
PLTI Graduate
Bill Campbell helped to reach out to Community College attendees to
spread awareness of PLTI In Alexandria.
Roy Priest, CEO of Alexandria Redevelopment Housing Authority, takes
PLTI on a tour of public and subsidized housing.
Facilitator, Diane Stoy, with grads who became board members,
facilitators, commissioners, and school board member.
Bill Campbell receives his Certificate of Excellence from Mayor William D.
Euille at the first graduation of PLTI of Alexandria.
Senator Ebbin and School Board member Bill Campbell spoke to our
participants about State government in Richmond, VA.
PLTI of Alexandria stands on the Capitol steps in Richmond, VA
CLTI participates in the graduation by telling guests, “Why I am a leader.”
CLTI class speaker addresses audience with charm and sophistication
We are CLTI Family
I understand what is important: Evaluation, Outcomes and
Accountability. In fact, I’ll explain it to mom after class.
Accountability, Evaluation, Outcomes. We get it!
CLTI prepares for its Community Project on Recycling
CLTI graduates. We are beautiful.
PLTI of Alexandria retreat of the Class of 2014
PLTI- out in force to welcome new school Superintendent, Alvin Crawley.
PLTI is everywhere. Civic involvement has become a way of life.
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