W2 On Line access Information

2014 W2’s
are coming!
How can I obtain my 2014 W2?
• Go Green – if you prefer to save a tree and ONLY receive your W2 online,
you can log onto W2Express.com by January 15th and provide pre-consent
for online delivery. (See the ‘Online’ section below for instructions.)
By Mail – if you did not ‘Go Green’ (see above), then your 2014 W2 will
be mailed to the address currently showing on your pay stub. Please make
sure this address is correct. W2’s will be postmarked no later than 1/31/15
as required by law. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery based on postal
service delivery times.
Online – After 01/31/2015 , you can log onto W2Express.com to view or
print a copy of your 2014 W2 at no cost to you. You will need the following
information to log on:
• Employer Code = 14202
• User ID = Your Social Security Number (with no dashes)
• PIN = Last 4 digits of your SSN and your 4 digit birth year. For
• Last 4 digits of SSN = 1234
• 4 digit birth year = 1975
• PIN = 12341975
Phone Help Desk – If you need to request that a new W2 be mailed to
you, contact the help desk # shown below. The following fees will apply:
• First reprint for 2014 W2 = FREE!
• Additional reprints for 2014 W2 = $12.00 each
• Reprints from prior years = $18.00 each
W2 Express Help Desk
(2/02 to 4/18) Monday – Friday, 7am to 8pm CST
(02/02 to 2/22) Saturday, 8 am to 6pm CST