SCHOLARSHIPS - Corona-Norco Unified School District

All of the following information can be
found in your SENIOR HANDBOOK!!
You can go to the school website to
obtain a copy of the handbook if you
need another one. Go to the
Counselor section, then “Grade Level
Handbooks” and you can print any
pages that you need!!
• There are 29 local scholarships available.
There is over $12,000 waiting to be given
• You may apply for as many local scholarships
for which you are eligible.
• The deadline to apply for scholarships is
DEC 10, 2014!!
Step 1: Complete the ERHS Scholarship Application in
the handbook; a PDF format copy is available on the
ERHS website.
Step 2: Make 10 copies of the completed application
Step 3: Write your Personal Essay with your name at
the top of the page. (examples of personal essay on
page 13)
Step 4: Make 10 copies of your Personal Essay
Step 5: Complete 10 copies of the Scholarship
Step 6: Submit 10 copies of each letter of recommendation
(you keep original copies)
Step 7: Hole punch all papers on the left side
Step 8: Assemble and paper clip (please do not staple) the
copies in this order (top to bottom):
A. Scholarship Checklist
B. Application
C. Personal Essay
D. Letters of Recommendation
Step 9: Scholarship application packets and the list of
scholarships for which you are applying are due in the Career
Center by 3:00pm on Dec. 10, 2014. No exceptions will be
Tips for Personal Essay
• Introduce yourself by using some of the following
1. Academic accomplishments - include type of
program (college prep or vocational).
2. Civic or on-campus extra-curricular activities,
jobs, or volunteer work. This is not the time
to be modest!
3. Leadership activities and/or ability
Tips for Personal Essay
• Educational and career plans:
1. Where do you plan to go to college and
what led you to make this choice?
2. What is your intended major and why?
Tips for Personal Essay
• Financial need:
1. How will this scholarship assist you in
completing your plans?
2. How will you use the money so that the
sponsoring agency will feel it is money
being well spent?
Tips for Personal Essay
• Express appreciation to the sponsoring
agency for offering money to a deserving
Local Scholarships
The following slides contain just some of the
local scholarships that are available and
their requirements.
You need to read the eligibility requirements
and make sure that you qualify for the
scholarship before applying!!!
California Retired Teachers Association
Eligibility Requirements
· Senior student planning to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in
· A graduate of a high school in Corona/Norco
· Minimum GPA of 3.0
· Must demonstrate financial need
Criteria for Selection
· Standard application
· Personal Essay
· Transcript
· Two (2) letters of recommendation
· $500 (1)
California School Employees’ Association
Scholarship (CSEA)
Eligibility Requirements
· GPA of 2.0 or better
· Good citizenship and character
· Must be a member or the child, grandchild, brother, or sister of a
member of CSEA Ch. 369
Criteria for Selection
· Standard application
· Personal Essay
· Two (2) letters of recommendation - one from employer or member of
community or church; the second from a school district official or
· Transcript
· Varies
Catholic Daughters of
America Scholarship
Eligibility Requirements
· Senior must be a Catholic high school senior registered in a parish in
the Corona-Norco area
· GPA of 2.5 or above
· Student must intend to enroll in an accredited 2 or 4-year college, trade
school, or university
Criteria for Selection
· Standard application
· Personal Essay
· Two (2) letters of recommendation (teacher, priest, employer, etc.)
· Transcript
· Varies
Corona-Norco Teachers Association
Scholarship (CNTA)
Eligibility Requirements
· Must have declared an intention to graduate from college with a
Bachelor’s Degree
· Must have followed college preparatory course work in high school
· 2.0 GPA or above
· Demonstrates a financial need
Criteria for Selection
· Standard Application
· Personal Essay
· Transcript
· Two (2) letters of recommendation
· Interview
· Varies
Parent Teacher Student Association
Scholarship (PTSA)
Eligibility Requirements
· 2.5 GPA or above
· Applicant must be a member of PTSA at time of application
· Student must be planning to attend an institution of higher education
(See your homeroom teacher for membership form!!)
Criteria for Selection
· Standard Application
· Personal Essay
· Transcript
· Selection by committee from Association
· $500
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