Graduation Testing Prep Program

Graduation Testing
Prep Program
Seabreeze High School, Daytona Beach FL
• Students needing FCAT reading requirement
• School Counselors
• Testing Coordinator
• Reading Coach
• National Honor Society Tutors
• School Registrar
• Media Specialist
• List of Students needing Graduation reading requirement
• List of student Social Security Number’s
• List of students on Free or Reduced lunch
• ACT Waivers
• ACT preparation list and resources
• Flyer with ACT Dates and Tutoring Dates
• School announcements
• account (text students)
• Large group meeting with all students required to take
FCAT reading – (get every student on the same page)
• FCAT preparation
• FCAT retakes (use remind app )
• ACT registration (NHS members assist, use remind)
• ACT prep (week of ACT test)
• ACT test date (we used December)
Large Group Meeting
• Diploma versus Certificate of Completion
• 24 credit option vs 18 credit option
• FCAT reading, ACT vs SAT
• Algebra EOC, PERT
• 2.0 GPA
• Online credit
• Students take out your phone and text to Remind
• Clear your schedule and check with family for test dates
FCAT and ACT Preparation
• Intensive Reading class (not all students in IR)
• FCAT Explorer –
• ACT strategy session with Reading coach
• ACT prep materials, books, online, library, bookstores
• Free ACT practice booklets from ACT
• click on eResources
• – sample tests online
• Proper rest and nutrition before and during test
Easy and Free
Students can not text
ACT Materials
ACT easy to work with
Online options
Princeton Review
Thank you
Brian Richardson
Seabreeze High School
School Counselor