Welcome Aboard Parents

Ms. Newman’s
Third Grade
I will introduce
you to third grade
and to our
 If you have any
questions during
my presentation,
please don’t
hesitate to ask.
I grew up in Windermere.
I got my Bachelors degree from the University of Florida
in Environmental Science.
I got my Masters of Elementary Education from UF also.
This is my second year teaching third grade at Lost Lake.
I love third grade!!
To give your child the academic and
social skills they be successful this
year, and in the future
 To provide a supportive, cooperative,
and fun classroom environment
 To help your child develop a love of
reading and writing
 To strengthen your child’s
understanding of math concepts
while keeping it fun and enjoyable
The subjects we study during third
grade are:
Language Arts & Writing
Social studies
Character education
 Steps to Respect
Accelerated Math
Accelerated Reader
Steps to Respect
Science Fair
 Author’s Purpose
 Plot Development
 Context Clues
 Figurative Language
 Cause & Effect
 Main Idea & Details
 Narrative Elements
 Text Features
› FCAT style Wonders assessment by benchmark
Cold Reads-45%
› Short portfolio pieces
FCAT Mini Achieves-10%
› 5 question quizzes by benchmark
› Center work
› AR test on weekly story
 Narrative
 Expository Essays
 Descriptive writing
 6 Write Traits
 Cursive Handwriting
 Classwork-35%
› Grammar skills
› Weekly test
Number Sense
Data analysis
Algebraic Thinking
 Quizzes-35%
› Mid Chapter Checkpoint
Mini Achieves-10%
The Practice of
Living things
Florida Wildlife
Space-The Universe
Matter, Heat, Energy
Weird Science
› Open book
› Lesson Checks, about 3 per chapter
› Labs and other projects
Geographic Information
(maps, globes)
 Contributions of Citizens
who defended American
 Exploration of the
 The foundations of
 Basic Principles of
American Citizens
 Government
 Economics- Goods/
Third grade is a big year for your child to
develop their independence!
 I ask students to be responsible for…
› Having the correct materials in class and at
Knowing what their nightly homework is
Keeping their desks and backpacks organized
Turning in assignments on time
Asking for something that they need
Pink Lion Loot-Cafeteria
› Given only by lunchroom assistant
› Earn loot as a class
› Must follow posted lunchroom behavior
› Reward once a month for top class from each grade
level and top class overall
Blue Lion Loot-Specials
› Given only by a special area teacher
› Earn loot as a class
› Follow the rules for special areas
› Reward once a semester
› Establish own guidelines for Lion Loot day
 Fuzzies- Good for You chart
 “Clean” Behavior Sheets
› Lunch and a movie
 A-Math Objectives
 Accelerated Reader
 Shining Star
 Fun Friday!
Shine Folder
› Record classroom infractions and dates
› This includes missing or incomplete homework!
› Two marks for the week means that the student will miss 5
minutes of fun Friday.
› Three or more marks means that the student will miss all of
fun Friday.
› If behavior continues to be an issue week after week, I
may send this behavior folder home to be signed.
Fun Friday is either extended recess, or a
game/craft session inside. 
This is where I will send all important papers
and information home to you.
 It contains...
› Reading log
› Literature Response questions
› Vocabulary words
› Spelling words
› All usernames and passwords for at home
 It is the students’ responsibility to bring this
folder to and from school daily!
Students will have 20 minutes of reading and a
reading log entry to do nightly.
They will also have math practice pages that
correspond to our lessons.
On nights before tests students will bring home
materials to study from.
It is the students’ responsibility to study spelling as
often as they need for the weekly test.
**Please note: Having the agenda and reading
log signed each night is also part of your child’s
14 tested reading benchmarks
 17 tested math benchmarks
 Window: April 22-25
 Practice throughout the school year
› FCAT explorer
› Cold Reads
› Mini Achieves
Level 1 Law
Good Cause promotion
 Come to our FCAT night in late fall!
Read, read, READ!!
› Build stamina
› Read outloud
› Ask questions and discuss what your child
Complete and understand the daily
math homework
› Underline key words and numbers
› Show work
FCAT Explorer
› Parent Volunteers (9:00 – 2:30)
 New online form!
› Field trips
› Tuesday School
› Lunch
 12:09-12:39
 www.mylunchmoney.com
 Hand stamp
 Pink Lion Loot!
› Enrichment
 10:20-11:05
 8 day rotation
Please send in a
water bottle with
your child daily. We
do visit the water
fountain after recess,
but having one in the
classroom will limit
wasted time going to
the water fountain.
I welcome and encourage parent
You may contact me through—
› Agenda
› Parent Conference
› Email
 [email protected]