Football (players only)

9th grade
Arnold High School
2014 Arnold High School Course Registration
Required Courses for Collegiate Studies
Required Courses
(Pending FCAT results and teacher recommendations)
English I
World History
Physical Science
Personal Fitness &Team Sports
Math (math team will evaluate placement)
If a student makes a level 1 or 2 on FCAT Reading or
Math, they will take an intensive Reading or Math class
as an elective.
(Pending FCAT results and teacher recommendations)
English I Honors
World History Honors
Biology Honors
Personal Fitness &Team Sports
Algebra 1 or Algebra 1 Honors
(or course progression: Geometry Honors then Algebra 2 honors)
Suggested Elective
(minimum 4 or 5 on FCAT Reading):
AP Human Geography & Latin 1
Rank your elective choices # 1-4
_____Art 2-D
_____Art 3-D
_____Fashion Design
& Interview
_____Acting 1
_____Dance Choreography & Techniques
_____Theatre Costume, Make-up & Hair*
_____Business of Theatre*
_____Design & Production 1: lighting, sound, set
construction, scenery & props*
_____Play Writing*
_____Concert Band 1
_____Band Auxiliary (Dance, Majorette, Guard)
_____Wind Ensemble 1 (Audition only)
_____Jazz Ensemble (Audition Only)
____Early Childhood Education
____Intro to Engineering
____Introduction to Technology
____ Naval Science/ROTC
Physical Education
____Individual/Dual Sports
____Football (players only)
Minimum 4 or 5 on FCAT Reading:
____AP Human Geography
____Latin 1
_____Journalism – Wave TV (by application)
_____Journalism – Yearbook (by application)
Graduation requirements
Students entering 9th grade in 2014-2015 will need 24 credits to graduate
4 English must pass the Grade 10 FCAT 2.0 Reading or earn a passing concordant score on the ACT or SAT
4 Mathematics one of which must be Algebra 1 or its equivalent and one of which must be geometry or its
3 Science (Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Marine Science or Physics)
3 Social Studies (World History, US History, Government/Economics, must include Financial literacy)
1 Fine, Performing, or Practical Arts (Engineering, Art, Band, Theatre, Intro to Technology)
½ PE and ½ Personal Fitness
8 Electives
24 Total credits, 2.0 GPA, passing score on FCAT 2.0 Reading and Algebra 1 EO
Applications found on under Academics.
For Bright Futures Information (levels of bright future awards).
Student Name
Parent’s Name
Home Phone_______________________ Cell Phone____________________
Email address_________________________________
Please study the choices on the other side of this form and discuss your options with your teachers,
counselors, and parents: list your desired course for next year in the appropriate spaces below.
Arnold High School counselors will do their best to honor your requests.
Core Academic Courses
1. English
2. Math
3. Science
4. Social Studies
5. Personal Fitness & Team Sports or CS Elective
Electives (in order of preference)
Diploma Designations
Scholar Designation
In addition to meeting the standard high school diploma requirements:
• 1 credit in Algebra 2
• 1 credit in statistics or an equally rigorous mathematics course
• Pass the Biology 1 EOC
• 1 credit in chemistry or physics
• 1 credit in a course equally rigorous to chemistry or physics
• Pass the U.S. History EOC Assessment
• 2 credits in the same world language
• Earn at least one credit in AP, IB, AICE or a Dual Enrollment course.
Merit Designation
In addition to meeting the standard high school diploma requirements:
• Attain one or more industry certifications from the list established
(per s. 1003.492,F.S.).
Counselor Notes:
For Collegiate Studies, please email Dee Meadows,
[email protected]
For Regular Education, please email Kelly Fenger,
[email protected]
I have carefully chosen my courses based on graduation requirements, college entrance, and
bright futures requirements. I understand that once school begins, my schedule will not be
Student signature and date