2013 Philmont Presentation

Deacon Quorums
Duty to God Program
Boy Scout Program
Scout Oath
On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to
God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
to help other people at all times; to keep myself
physically strong, mentally awake and morally
What is more important for our Young Men?
Duty of God Award
Eagle Scout Award
It’s all about the Priesthood
Duty to God & Boy Scouts are not two
separate programs…they should be one
program with a Priesthood objective
Priesthood Leadership
Conference…which takes place
at Philmont Training Center
each year
Aaronic Priesthood / Scout Training
Agenda Topics include:
– Strengthening Young Men of the Aaronic
Priesthood through Scouting
– Aaronic Priesthood Activities
– Strengthening Aaronic Priesthood Holders
– Fulfilling My Duty to God
– Deacon Quorums and the Boy Scout Program
• 2012 The Boy Scout Program for Deacons Quorums
What are some of our responsibilities as:
Priesthood holders
Scout leaders
How are we magnifying our callings? (D&C 107:99)
How are we helping the boys magnify their
Are we using the “Learn, Act, Share” process as found in
Duty to God program? This process helps parents,
leaders, and advisers lead and engage young men in
fulfilling their duty to God and becoming faithful
priesthood men
• Learn: “Seek learning, even by study and also by faith”
(D&C 88:118).
• Act: “Bind yourselves to act” (D&C 43:9). “Act . . . in all
diligence” (D&C 107:99).
• Share: “You shall ever open your mouth in my cause”
(D&C 30:11).
Come Follow Me guidebooks states:
(we) are called by the Lord to help youth
become converted to the gospel. What a
wonderful blessing this is! You have the
opportunity to establish lifelong relationships
with the precious youth the Lord has entrusted
to your care.
The most important part of your service will be
your own daily spiritual preparation, including
prayer, scripture study, and obedience to the
commandments. We encourage you to dedicate
yourself to living the gospel with greater
purpose than ever before.
The First Presidency
Our Young Men
How often are planning meetings held?
How are Quorum meetings being planned?
Who leads these Quorum meetings?
Who leads these Quorum meetings?
Each meeting is prayerfully planned by the quorum
presidency with the assistance of advisers, but always
under the direction of the quorum president, who holds
priesthood keys. As instructed in the Doctrine and
Covenants, the quorum president presides in the quorum
meeting, sits in council with quorum members, and
teaches them their duties (see D&C 107:85–87, 99–100).
Come Follow Me Handbook; Purposes…
How often are planning meetings held?
• Quorums should plan a monthly theme and use an
• BSA program has methods to execute the monthly
• Themes build each week and culminate in campouts.
• Come, Follow Me doctrinal principles could be used as
ideas to select monthly themes.
• The process of planning should not be
A mtg without an Agenda is an adult-led mtg.
Who leads Scout meetings and activities?
8.13.4 The bishop usually appoints the quorum
president or one of his assistants in the priests
quorum to serve as the youth leader of the
Scouting program. However, he may appoint
other young men as youth Scout leaders.
5.2 Scouting is part of the deacons, teachers, and
priests quorum presidency’s responsibilities.
Planning for Scouting activities should be done at
presidency meetings and in the Scouting unit
leadership meetings. Sunday quorum meetings
should not become Scout planning sessions…
Scouting Handbook
The quorum presidency, with help from their quorum
adviser(s), meets to correlate each Scouting activity with
other quorum activities. The president presides at and
conducts the meeting…Quorum advisers attend this
meeting to provide adult support and direction to those
who preside over the meeting. All Scouting meetings
should open and close with prayer and may include an
inspirational message by the adult unit leader (such as a
Scoutmaster’s Minute).
Scouting Handbook
Why should Duty to God be part of every
Quorum meeting, activity and campout?
How do we do that?
• Duty to God and Scouting provide
opportunities for each quorum member to have
weekly assignments and to feel needed and
responsible for the outcomes of the quorum.
• Bringing all young men unto Christ is vital to
Duty to God and Scouting.
• Uplifting spiritual experiences are essential to
good Scouting activities.
• Scouting should build strong relationships.
Deacons Quorum
Duty to God / Scouting Program
Aaronic Priesthood holders are to become
converted (to the Gospel of Jesus Christ),
fulfill their sacred priesthood duties, be
“standing ministers” (D&C 84:111), prepare
to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood and
temple ordinances, and become worthy
missionaries, husbands, and fathers…
Come Follow Me Handbook; Purposes