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Patient Participation Group
Representative Elections
Gail Hawksworth, Head of
Communications and
Patient Participation Group (PPG) representative election process
summary of actions taken so far:
The Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group’s Patient and Public and
Engagement Committee considered the PPG representative elections proposals
at its 24 September meeting
It was agreed that only 1 representative would be elected to sit on the
Governing Body in line with the Constitution and this will be for a period of three
The Governing Body delegated the decision of agreeing the election process to
the Chair of the CCG and the lay Chair of the Patient and Public Engagement
The election process was discussed at the PPG representives meeting on 26
September 2014 and a number of changes were requested
These changes were discussed at the Patient and Public Engagement
Committee on 6 November and noted at the Governing Body meeting on 26
The Chair of the CCG and the lay Chair of the Patient and Public Engagement
Committee met on 4 December and agreed the process and a number of
The election process will be:
• 1 PPG Representative elected to sit on the Governing Body for a
period of three years
• PPG Representative is a non-voting member of the Governing
Body and attends Part 1 of Governing Body bi-monthly meetings
• Each practice to have 1 vote - implications are that each PPG
must meet to:
 Discuss the election
 Agree who they will vote for
 Who will cast vote- patient Chair of PPG/ nominated patient
when practice manager is the chair
 Record the decision
• Elected candidate to sit on Governing Body in 25 March 2015
Process to recruit of the candidate
• Recruitment of the PPG Representative to follow CCG’s
standing orders for elected roles that is:
• Nominations - inviting expressions of interest by letter; email,
advert and paid advertising as appropriate is circulated widely
across Enfield inviting expressions of interest
• Eligibility - the candidate must be a member of a PPG for at
least 3 months within Enfield CCG area
• Candidates will have to fill in an application form
demonstrating they meet the person and role criteria
• Candidates will also have to complete a personal statement
which describes their skills and how they want to develop the
• Application forms to be sent to Enfield CCG by Friday 30
January 2015
• A further PPG network meeting to be held in mid January
Recruitment of the candidate continued
• Candidates will be interviewed by the lay Chair of the Patient and Public
Engagement Committee, Director of Service Quality and Integrated Governance
and a PPG member from another area
• If a candidate matches the criteria, then they will be put forward for election and
their personal statement will used on the ballot papers
• Candidates details on the ballot paper will be by locality, GP practice and by
their personal statement
• Voting will take place over a 2 week period from Monday 23 February to Sunday
8 March 2015
• PPGs meet to discuss the election and agree who to vote for before Monday 23
February and send details to Laura Andrews which will then be sent to the
Electoral Reform Services
• The Electoral Reform Services will contact all voters via e-mail and give
instructions about the process
• They will send a reminder to all voters half way through the process
• The Electoral Reform Services receive, validate and confirm the Elections
results by Wednesday 11 March 2015
• Candidate sits on 25 March 2015 Governing Body meeting