ASU at Keele University

Study Abroad at
Keele University
Fall 2015 Program
Brief Overview
Keele University is in the
“county” of North Staffordshire,
halfway between Manchester
and Birmingham.
Course work:
◦ Students selected for this experience will enroll in 4 courses
(14 semester hours) while at Keele.
 Two 3-hour ASU courses (taught by Dr. Will Canu)
 PSY 4655 - Contemporary Issues (with only ASU students)
 Special topics seminar on Psychosocial Stressors and Psychopathology
(with Keele students)
 Two 4-hour Keele courses (chosen by you from modules/courses offered by the
Keele School of Psychology)
 Our OIED will provide a list of available Keele courses
from which you may choose.
If interested, do NOT register for Contemporary Issues
or any PSY elective in Spring 2015!
Short trips from Keele
and Ireland
Trips Around Europe
Approximate 2015 Dates:
◦ September 23, 2015, to December 19, 2015
◦ Deadline to apply to OIED: February 15, 2015; decision date: 3/15/15
◦ Keele application (free) is due June 30.
Approximate 2014 cost:
$10,664 - $12,764*
*: subject to change given pound-to-dollar exchange rate and 2015 tuition and fees pricing. Does
not include transportation to England.
A few details:
◦ To participate, you must be a Junior or Senior by Fall 2015.
◦Financial Aid
 Most aid is applicable to Study Abroad experiences.
 What’s next (if you’re interested) ?
◦ You can also talk some more with me, or attend a Q&A
information session.
 Monday, October 13, 5 PM, Smith Wright 205
 Tuesday, October 14, 5 PM, Smith Wright 200
 Wednesday, October 22, 5 PM, Smith Wright 205
◦ Next step: applying through the Office of International
Education and Development (OIED).
◦ After participants are selected, there will be more meetings:
OIED, Student Health, Lynn Mosteller, and more (during next
Contact Information
 Will Canu, Ph.D.
◦ E-mail: [email protected]
◦ Office: 112-A Smith-Wright Hall
◦ Phone: 828-262-2272, ext. 412
 Check out these video resources:
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