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Effective People Manager
Effective People Manager Programme
The Effective People Manager Programme has been designed to build and
develop the skills needed to be effective as managers and leaders to meet the
challenges that face Keele and the wider HE sector. The programme will help
managers to develop their management and leadership style in this
challenging environment and in line with the Keele 2015 to 2020 strategy.
Who is it for?
The Effective People Management Programme is designed to meet the needs
of first line managers working within Professional Services, Central Services
and School Support Services.
What does it cover?
The programme has the following components:
Launch Event
A launch event for delegates, their line managers and the programme
leadership team where we will explain the programme design, how the
Manager Attributes Framework and self-assessment will work, and how to
make sure that participants get the most value from each of the activities and
learning events.
Individual personal development assessment
The programme gets underway using a framework of Manager Attributes for
Keele. The framework defines the skills, knowledge, experience and
behaviour that effective managers use at work in the university. Participants
and their line managers will use the framework to identify individual strengths
and development areas and to develop a personal development plan.
A programme of interactive and highly practical workshops will focus on
developing key competencies such as: leadership and service improvement;
managing people, leading teams and managing relationships. The workshops
include a two-day module and three one-day modules.
Action Learning Sets
The workshop programme will be supported through a series of action
learning sets which will be established at the first workshop and will be
facilitated by internal coaches to ensure maximum value is derived from the
Reflective Learning Event
At the end of the programme a reflective learning event will take place to
capture personal learning outcomes, programme impact and organisational
learning. Participants will be asked to give a short presentation on their
development journey through the programme and how they have applied the
learning to a group of sponsors, line managers and peers. We will also take
the opportunity to review the programme design and content for future
Post programme assessment.
The personal development planning process will be repeated following
completion of the programme. Participants will provide individual feedback
and a review of learning. Personal development plans should continue to be
reviewed by participants with their line manager after the programme has
When is the programme taking place?
The programme will run from November 2014 through to April 2015 as
detailed in the table below.
Launch Event
10 November 2015 Town Room
2.00 – 4.00pm
Keele Management
9 December 2015 Sustainability Hub
13 January 2016
Science Learning
Room 1.1
9 February 2016
Sustainability Hub
10 March 2016
Town Room
Keele Management
20 April 2016
Town Room
2.00 – 4.30pm
Keele Management
Leading and Managing Others
Building a Resilient Team
Managing the Work
Building Effective Relationships
Post Programme Event
Programme Delivery
The programme will be delivered by Richard Tickner from Progress
International, a provider that has worked extensively within the HE sector.
Richard’s approach involves using a mixture of presentations, practical
exercises, discussion, case study, syndicate work and self-assessment to
encourage participation and to meet individual learning styles.
If you would like any further information please contact:
Jan Kincaid 01782 733406 (33406)
[email protected]
Learning and Professional Development Centre
To apply for a place on the programme please complete the attached
Nomination Form and return it to Jan Kincaid by 30 October 2015
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