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Nina Taylor
Research and Analysis Division
Texas Education Agency
Including the amount of education data we
collect and store.
Only data that is required by state or federal
statute is collected by the Texas Education
Agency (TEA).
Some uses of education data include:
◦ Federal and state reporting requirements, including
performance measures;
◦ Development of new policies and decisions
surrounding education in the state;
◦ Publication of web and hardcopy reports; and
◦ Information requests.
Public Education Information Management
System (PEIMS) School district data
◦ Reported by school districts to TEA
◦ Includes:
 Student data – fall enrollment, attendance, course
completion, dropout, graduation, disciplinary action
 Staff data – demographic, responsibility, pay
 Financial – budget and actual
 Organization – campus, district, regional Education
Service Center (ESC) addresses and telephone numbers
Accountability Research reports – AP, IB, ACT,
SAT, completion, graduates, dropouts,
enrollment trends, grade-level retention,
special topics
Accountability ratings
P-16 Linkages – high school students
enrolled in college
Student assessment data – TAKS, STAAR
Teacher certification data
Visit TEA’s website
◦ Always available
◦ Free of charge
Submit a public information request
◦ Send an email to [email protected]
◦ Receive a customized report or file
◦ A charge may be assessed.
Accountability Research Reports
◦ Dropouts, Graduates
◦ Retention
Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS)
◦ Campus, district, region and state-level reports
◦ Includes accountability ratings, student performance,
college readiness indicators, student demographic and
program data, staff counts, and financial information
◦ Texas Education Directory
◦ Campus, district, county, and region reports and
downloadable files
◦ Provides addresses and telephone numbers
◦ Updated daily
Charter School Reports
◦ Information on currently operating and closed charters
◦ Charter awards and closures, charter holders, board
◦ Campuses and grade levels served, accountability ratings
Discipline Data Products
◦ Counts of students in discipline settings and by
student category at the state, region and district
◦ Assessment reports for students in discipline
Financial Products
Summary of Finances and related reports
Payment information
State Aid and Student Count Data
Chapter 41 Wealth Equalization data
Facilities Funding Reports
◦ School district profiles
◦ Provides an overview of Texas public education for a
particular school year
PEIMS Standard Reports
◦ Listings of school districts and campuses by legislative
◦ Student demographic and program reports
◦ Staff counts and salary reports
School District Locator
◦ School district and Education Service Center Region
◦ School locations
◦ Contact information for district staff and trustees
◦ Links to TEA school district reports and websites
Student Assessment Reports
◦ TAKS and STAAR statewide summary reports
◦ Aggregate level data results
◦ Item analysis and raw score frequency reports
Texas P-16 Public Education Information
Resource (TPEIR)
Longitudinal high school graduation reports
PK-12 employed personnel
High school graduates enrolled in higher education
Higher education enrollment and graduation
Teacher production by certification area
Or, access these web pages by navigating
◦ Click on “Reports” on the left side of the page and
follow the prompts, or
◦ Click on “A-Z Index” at the top of the page. Choose
the first letter of the web page you would like to
access, then scroll down and click on the page link.
Anyone may request data.
All requests must be in writing; no special
form is required.
The Texas Education Agency follows the rules
and timelines established by the Public
Information Act.
Requests for student-level data are carefully
processed so that no confidential data is
released, except as allowed by law.
You may mail your request or send by email
to: [email protected]
Thank you for attending!
If you have questions or comments, please
contact me –
◦ By email – [email protected]
◦ By telephone – 512-475-2085