Syriac Christianity in Context – Course Outline

Syriac Christianity in Context – Course Outline Day July Mon 14 Tue 15 9.00‐11.00 Instructor Prof. Wido van Peursen Topic
Introduction. A Bird’s eye view on the Syriac tradition The stories of biblical manuscripts The Peshitta: its origin and its role in Syriac literature The Peshitta as a translation: what a comparison of the Hebrew and Syriac texts reveal Other Syriac versions of the Bible The Peshitta in the context of Aramaic/Syriac Bible translations Greek and Syriac exegetical traditions
11.00‐13.00 9.00‐11.00 Prof. Wido van Peursen Prof. Bas ter Haar Romeny (Leiden)
11.00‐13.00 Dr Janet Dyk Wed 16 9.00‐11.00 11.00‐13.00 Prof. Bas ter Haar Romeny (Leiden)
Dr. Eveline van Staalduine‐Sulman
Thu 17 9.00‐13.00 Fri 18 9.00‐11.00 Dr Hagit Amirav; Prof. Bas ter Haar Romeny (Leiden); Maya Goldberg, MA (Leiden) Prof. Wido van Peursen 11.00‐13.00 Sat 19 Case Study
Biblical manuscripts
Story of Thecla Books of Kings
The earliest responses to the Arab conquest
Apocalypses from the 7th cent.
Dr Jan van Ginkel Historiography and Identity
Michael Syrus and Bar Hebraeus Mon 21 9.00‐11.00 Dr Dirk Bakker Excursion: Vesper in Syriac Orthodox Church in Amsterdam The formative period: Orthodoxy and heresies
11.00‐13.00 Dr Hagit Amirav The Council of Chalcedon and its Aftermath
Tue 22 9.00‐11.00 Dr Dirk Bakker 11.00‐13.00 Prof. Wido van Peursen The Bible as a source for creative poetic writings Tracing liturgical and narrative traditions Wed 23 9.00‐11.00 Prof. Faustina Doufikar‐Aerts
11.00‐13.00 Thu 24 Bardaisan’s Dialogue on Fate and Ephrem’s Prose Refutations The Cherub and the Thief
King Manasseh in the bull Gog and Magog
Dr Jan van Ginkel Literary motifs crossing the borders of Judaism, Christianity and Islam philosophical works: Translation and reception
9.00‐11.00 Prof. Peter Ben Smit Syriac Christianity in the 21st century Ecumenical dialogues
11.00‐13.00 Examination
Fri 25 9.00‐11.00 Concluding Seminar
11.00‐13.00 Dr Jan van Ginkel and Prof. Wido van Peursen Guest lecture H.E. Mor Polycarpus The Bible in the monastic tradition Pseudo‐Ephrem, On the end Job of Edessa and Bar Hebraeus
Prayer of Manasseh