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Visma.net Expense
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Visma.net Fact Sheet
Markets easiest
and most effective
travel expense
What is Visma.net Expense?
Visma.net Expense is an online expense management
solution. Since it is web based, you are able to login via any
browser and fill out expense claims anywhere, anytime and
on any device - on a tablet, PC or Mac - at home or at
work – wherever suits you.
Best of all, it allows you to register your expense
claims in a fast, accurate and easy fashion; ensuring all
reimbursable expenses are accounted for.
Expense reporting
can be a real
headache. It’s a
time consuming,
error prone, paper
intensive and often
frustrating process.
That’s why we have created Visma.net Expense, an easy to
use online expense management solution. With Visma.net
Expense, registering expense claims is fast, easy
and accurate and you can rest assured that you will be
reimbursed for every expense.
Mobile scanning eliminates the hassle of lost receipts, as
you can upload photos of receipts directly into the solution.
You can track your mileage with the help of apps and
your credit card can be linked to the solution. So, whether
domestic or foreign, you can easily and rapidly record
reimbursable expenses.
Once submitted, your expense claims will automatically be
sent to your manager for review and approval.
With Visma.net Expense, you will spend less time on your
expense claims; avoid errors and can rest assured that all
expenses are recorded accurately
Visma.net Expense can be used as a standalone solution,
or it can be integrated with Visma payroll systems, like
Visma Enterprise HRM. The integration ensures that all
eligible travel expenses will be added to the payroll system
quickly and easily.
”With Visma.net Expense, control and approval became
much easier for us working within the finance department”.
– Leif Slåtten, Financial Manager Norwegian Farmers’ Union
Find out more at www.visma.net
Visma.net Fact Sheet
Advantages of working with Visma.net Expense
Quick and easy to get started
With Visma.net Expense,
no software needs to be
installed and you simply pay
for the users you require.
A welcome email is sent
out to new users, granting
them instant access to the
service, and from there it is
as simple as click and go.
The service is fully integrated with Visma Enterprise HRM,
Visma Lønn and Visma Avendo and the only thing that you
need to set up is your type of expenses. From there on out,
maintenance is fast and easy.
Data from Visma Lønn, Avendo or Enterprise HRM is
uploaded on demand and no set up in Visma.net is required.
• Reuse of ledger accounts
• Reuse of pay codes
• Automatic set up of approval structure
The solution requires no training. Everything you need to
know can be easily found within online help. The system
also includes a separate quick guide, which provides good
explanations for registering images in Visma.net Expense.
Visma.net Expense is 100%
integrated with Visma
Lønn, so all expense
claims can easily be
exported to Visma Lønn.
Key benefits
• No setup required as fully integrated with Visma
Enterprise HRM , Visma Lønn and Visma Avendo
• Travel expenses can be registered from anywhere
and on any device
• Simple solution for simple tasks
• Integrated with GPS tracking systems
• Increased control via transparent approval
• Instant and easy control over electronic receipts
• Mobile approval of expense claims
Fast and effective registration of
Employees can register their
travel expenses from anywhere
and on any device. You will be
guided through the completion
process and will get a summary of
what is remaining at every step of the way. This, along with
the quick registration and efficient approval process, allows
you to save time.
All regulations are handled, thus allowing you to register
minimal information. To ensure correct accounting, you are
able to distribute all travel expenses (percent), or transactions
(percent or amount) between different cost centres.
In Visma.net Expense, you can use electronic receipts.
These can be obtained in travel expenses in various ways,
such as via Visma Attach via mobile scanning, Dropbox or
from your computer.
– Leif Slåtten, Financial Manager Norwegian Farmers’ Union
The regulations in some countries state that you must
document the name and address of accommodation for
all nights. To make this process as effective as possible,
the system remembers all details of previously entered
Find out more at www.visma.net
Visma.net Fact Sheet
“Accuracy is improved in
terms of rates, and we
spend less time processing
travel expenses”.
– Bente Moltzau, accountant Nortroll
Integrations to ensure accurate registration
Visma.net Expense offers integrations with the approved
credit card providers. This makes it easier for you to
register your travel expenses. It is now also possible for
you to connect your private Visa card to the solution. If
you have had expenses in a foreign currency, the system
retrieves the appropriate rate from that day.
The task list in Visma.net Approval shows the travel receipts
waiting for approval in Visma.net Expense.
So, all users have a good overview of their travel expenses,
their status and the amount owed, both per travel expense
and overall. It is also possible to see which expenses have
been processed and view the status of the expense claims.
The use of credit card transactions not only makes the
registration process easier and faster. It also ensures that
the data is correct so that the manager no longer needs
to double check that the amount is consistent with the
original receipt and that the correct exchange rate has
been used. The use of credit cards and electronic receipts
provides significant savings in the processing of travel
The system offers effective integrations with GPS tracking
systems. The system records the correct mileage and
toll transactions, and can easily be brought into the site.
So you never need to use Google Maps or refer to toll
companies to find out what you are entitled to.
Save time with an effective workflow
All expense claims are submitted automatically to Visma.
net Approval for approval. Electronic receipts are visible
for managers, which improves the online flow of approval.
This also makes is easy for approvers to ensure that all
information is registered correctly.
Find out more at www.visma.net
What’s more, with the Visma Mobile Manager app, you are
able to approve expense claims on-the-go via your mobile,
when and where suits you. It allows you to effectively handle
incoming documents and enjoy increased control via a full
mobile overview of all tasks that need to be approved.
Visma.net Fact Sheet
Key features in Visma.net Expense
Key features
Travel claim registration
Register your travel claims online and add daily allowances.
Expense claim registration
Register several types of expenses to an expense claim. It is possible to do so in different
currencies and also to add the required documentation.
Credit card integration
Link your credit card to the solution, so your transactions are automatically imported into
the solution. Support for SEB (MasterCard and Diners), DNB and Eika.
Mobile scanning
Take a picture of your receipts and then upload them directly into the solution, via
Visma Attach. Visma Attach is an App that is included in Visma.net Expense and can be
downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Once you have taken a picture of your
receipts, they are then immediately available when registering an expense claim.
Download Visma Attach today from:
Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.
Digital receipts
Upload digital receipts from local files or directly from online storage, for example via
Dropbox or Visma Attach.
Mileage registration
Register your mileage types and set a reduced rate once a maximum limit has been reached.
GPS integration
Using BilBuddy, Abax or Abax Quicklog you can import your actual mileage directly into the
system. You can customise what you get reimbursed for mileage, and the route-tracking app
calculates this for you and also shows how much you have paid in tolls.
Approval flow
Your expenses are automatically sent to your manager for approval through Visma Approval.
Approvers receive automatic notifications of new expense claims.
Integrated with
Visma payroll
Approved expenses can automatically be sent to Visma Avendo, Visma Lønn or Visma
Enterprise HRM.
Mobile approval
Approve invoices and expense claims on-the-go; when and where it suits you.
The Visma Mobile Manager app allows you to effectively handle incoming documents and
enjoy increased control via a full mobile overview of all tasks that need to be approved.
Download Visma Mobile Manager today from:
Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.
Find out more at www.visma.net