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A Successful Dinner Party
There is a great deal of preparation required in order to have a
successful dinner party. First, you must decide on the logistics of the
party. You need to know who will be there and when it will be. After
you decide on a date and the guest list, you need to pick a theme.
Will you have a Asian inspired feast, an American barbeque or a Latin
fiesta? When you have decided on the theme, you can begin to
create a menu. The menu should include items you can make a few
days before and some quick items you can put together in a snap
the night of the party. Two days before the party, you should make
sure your home is prepared for guests. Do you have the food and
other supplies you need? Finally, the night of the party, make sure
you have enough time to prepare yourself before the guests arrive.
Create a schedule so you can plan your time in the kitchen and your
time to get dressed. All of these steps ensure that you will be a
relaxed and carefree host, a clear indication of a successful dinner
Notice the time words used to
introduce a step in the process.
How many steps are noted in this
Brainstorm on one of the following topics
How to create a budget
How to select an apartment
How to travel with children
How to argue and win
How to shop for a used car
How to quit smoking
How to deter a mugger or attacker
How photosynthesis works
How to administer an IV
How to lose weight
How to make a dress
How to build a deck
Create a paragraph on a separate sheet of paper. Please follow
paragraph guidelines. Submit the paragraph and your brainstorm.
Sentence Problems
Second, the type of apartment you want?
Making a dress is not what you think is easy.
How to quit smoking take many steps.
How to select an apartment
The leaf has some water so, it combines with the
hydrogen atoms, and the process, glucose is actually
• Also, materials or parts that the car will need, and how
much money to spend.
• Second need to have the right dimension of the body in
order to buy the right pattern then start to line up the
Student Example Paragraph
How to lose weight
Losing weight entails a lot of work, and here are some ways on
how to lose weight. First, you must have your motivation why you
want to lose weight. Your motivation can be a person, an event, or
anything that can help you focus on your purpose. After knowing your
motivation, you can now start eating wisely. You can choose eating
healthy foods like fruit and vegetables, and try avoiding junk foods.
When you have decided on eating a healthy diet, you can now decide
to be more physically active. To be physically active means that you
can do some exercises like jogging, playing your favorite sport, or
doing things that will help you to be more energize. Finally, you
should be happy for yourself. To be happy is being thankful of who
and what you are. Losing weight can be a tough thing to do and these
steps will help you to achieve and reach your goal.