Shared Reading Weekly Plan – Poetry Y2

Shared Reading Plan
Year 2 Poetry
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Poetry – The Pines – Margaret Mahy
Share title and illustration
Think – pair – share: what do you think
this poem is about and why?
Re-read the poem
Analyse punctuation and organisation
of poem and compare to fiction.
Agree symbols for punctuation and
read with symbols.
New poem: Mist - Sarah Kelly
New poem: I think I am going
Mist – discuss the meaning of the
word what the poem will describe
What kind of words we will find
Share tricky words:
Soldiers, boughs, minutes
Read the poem
Look at title of poem and
picture – predict what it might
be about:
Talk about how we read these words and
what they mean. (you could do this
before looking at the text and they can
predict what poem is about)
Tricky words: creep crept sleep to
Tricky sentence: grey cloak falling
over me (inference)
Sentence starter: I think it is
about .... Because
(think peer share)
Read the poem to the children; notice
the ‘tricky’ words as you come to them.
Model making sense of each verse
Language experience – explore pine
branches, needles and pine cones.
Generate vocab for each – look, smell,
touch (mind map)
Senses poem for writing, using the
word lists
Discussion about the meaning of the
Discuss meaning of poem
Compare the punctuation to
previous poem
Tricky words: fickle tickle,
nostril, squiggle and giggle
Immortal, chortle, weary,
Look at words in pairs – read
them; what do you notice? Talk
about the meaning
Read the poem – look at the
connection between the tricky
words and the action in each
Read with punctuation symbols
Mist crept
while I slept
seemed to swallow
every hollow
grey-white over every tree
grey cloak falling over me
misty fingers reaching out
misty fingers all about.
Mist crept
while I slept.
Sarah Kelly
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