Integrated Course of College English
The Third Two Periods
Unit Ten Book Four
Designed by SHAO Hong-wan
Writing and Exercises
Warming-up----Tongue Twister
Review--- Words and expressions
Writing Skill---Practical writing
Enriching Your Word Power
Do Exercises
Compound Dictation
Proverbs and Quotations
Tongue Twist
1. How may saws could a see-saw saw if a see-saw could saw saws?
2. How much oil boil can a gum boil boil if a gum boil can boil oil?
3. I thought a thought. But the thought I thought wasn't the thought I thought I
thought. If the thought I thought I thought had been the thought I thought,
I wouldn't have thought so much.
4. I wish I were what I was when I wished I were what I am.
5. I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch
wishes, I won't wish the wish you wish to wish.
6. I wish you were a fish in my dish
7. If two witches would watch two watches, which witch would watch which
8. If you notice this notice, you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing.
9. It's not the cough that carries you off, it's the coffin they carry you off in!
10. Little red lorry
Useful Expressions
a(n) full (empty) life
traditional complaints
the focus of one’s life
the source of one’s identity and creativity
realize one’s potential
a mental health clinic
a healing effect
gain renewed self-confidence
the most acute symptoms
psychological troubles
11. 迅速恶化
deteriorate rapidly
12. 渴望一种成就感
long for a sense of being accomplished
13. 欣赏自己的产品
admire the product of one’s personal skill
14. 应付各种各样的人物
handle various kinds of personalities
15. 在很大程度上
in significant measure
16. 消耗精力
expend energy (energy expenditure)
17. 为自己的出众才能感到自豪
pride oneself on a distinctive ability
18. 配合默契
perfect coordination
19. 冲突, 摩擦
rough edges
20. 想方设法做……
seek ways of doing …
Directions: Replace the underlined parts in the following sentences with
words or phrases from the box. Change the forms if necessary.
Pleases note: each word or phrase can be used only once.
aside from
fend for
on the whole
work off
associate… with
1. Please inform us if there are any important changes in the
plan. __________
2. It is decisive to perform an immediate operation on the
injured man. _________
3. It will take at least one month for the broken bone to be
healthy again. _________
4. The painter has a special style of his own.______________
5. People who have a great ability for hard work normally
succeed. ____________
aside from
fend for
on the whole
work off
associate… with
6. Peter has got rid of ten pounds sicne last winter by running
two miles every morning. _________________
worked off
7. When we talk about Dalian, we usually connect it with the
sea and the beautiful seashore. associate…with
8. Apart from large quantities of ordinary steel, Shanghai also
Aside from
produces many types of highgrade steel. ___________
9. Both his parents died when he was young, so he has had to
look after himself since he was 15.__________
fend for
10. Generally speaking, I’m inclined to agree with you, but we
do see things differently in one or two places.
On the whole
Writing Practice
Directions: In this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition
on the topic “SMOKING”. The first sentence of each paragraph is
given. Your part of writing should be no less than 100 words.
It is almost known to all that smoking is bad for people’s health.
Still, many people find it difficult to stop smoking.
Measures have been taken to help people keep away from its harm.
It is almost known to all that smoking is bad for people's health.
Scientific researches show that smoking can lead to heart disease,
cancer and other problem. The World Health Organization says
diseases linked to smoking kill at least 2, 500, 000 persons each
Still, many people find it difficult to stop smoking. One reason
is that smoking usually becomes a habitual behavior, and habits,
whether good or bad are not easy to be given up. Another reason
is the effect of nicotine, the substance found in cigarettes works on
people somewhat as drugs do.
Measures have been taken to help people keep away from its
harm. In many cities, smoking is forbidden in public places. The
danger of smoking is warned of everywhere. And newspapers are
asked not to publish advertisements for cigarettes. World "No
Tobacco Day" is observed every year as the biggest campaign
against smoking.
Read the following summary of the text and then complete the
arguments in the second paragaph:
Historically work has been associated with salvery and sin and
punishment. Until recently, few people have realize the
positive contribution of work to human satisfaction. Aside
fron the material things of lif, work provides the more
intangible, yet more crucial benefits of psychological well
being. Without work, man’s life would be empty.
But why should work be such a significant sources of human
human beings long for a sense of being accomplished.
people take pride in being part of an accomplished
work team.
2. Wite a composition entailed True Happiness and Hard
Work. Your composition should be based on the following
outline given in chinese.
1. 不同的人有不同的幸福观
2. 我的幸福观
3. 我持这一幸福观的原因
Some people think that health is essential to happiness. Ohters
believe wealth makes them happy. Still others of a strong intellectual turn
of mind look upon wisdom as the source of happiness.
In a way, they all have a point. However, health, wealth and wisdom
are rewards of your own efforts. For instance, you have to work very hard
in order to earn your share of money. Indeed, it is work that helps make
us healthy, wealthy and wise. True happiness, to my mind, comes first
and last from hard work.
We derive great satisfaction from our work also because work
constitutes a contribution to the modernization effort. We feel duty bound
to do our bit for socialist construction and take pride in the fact that our
joint efforts are bringbing properity to our motherland. And then again, we
are eager to become more knowledgeable about and efficient in our lines
of work. Work, more than anything else, provides us with the muchdesired opportunity to lean and improve ourselves.
Enriching Your Word Power
1.The suffix-let is added to nouns to form other nouns, meaning
(a)little: booklet=a little book;
(b)Things worn as a band on: armlet=a band worn around the
Now give definitions of the following words:
band worn around the ankle
brooklet a
little brook
little star
a little stream
streamlet ________________________________________
Enriching Your Word Power
1. The suffix-like can be added rather freely to nouns to form adjectives,
with the meaning of “having the qualities of..”
eg: god-godlike lightening-lighteninglike
Now form the adjectives by adding –like to the noun given below and
then choose suitable ones to complete the following sentences:
1. homelike亲切的 a homelike atmosphere 亲切的氛围
2. doglike忠诚的 doglike faithfulness 非常忠诚
3. statesmanlike有政治家风范的 statesmanlike solution of the proble
earn sb the acclaim of all his colleagues
4. sportsmanlike 堂堂正正 manlike 男人似的 not manlike at all 根本不像个
5. businesslike公事公办,有条理的、有效率的 be businesslik in dealing
with other people 与别人打交道总是公事公办
6. lifelike 逼真的
7. springlike 像春天
8. childlike 孩子似的 天真 in childlike glee 象孩子一样高兴
2.The prefix inter-means “between”, “among” . It is added to
noun, verbs and adjectives to form new nouns, verbs and
change-interchange 相互交换
relate-interrelate 相互关联
Now give some more words beginning with inter-:
3. The combinin form psycho-means “of the mind”, “menatal.”
psychology-science of the mind
psychotherapy—mental therapy
Now try to analyze the following words and make a guess at
ther mesanings, using an all English dictionary if necessary:
1) psychoanalysis: the examination ofd a person’s mind to
discover the uncounscious desires, fears, anxieties which
produce certain mental and emotional disorders
2) psychologist : an expert in psychology
3) psychological : of the nind, of psychology
4) psychophysics: the branch of psychology that deals with
the physical relations of mental phenomena
5) psychosurgery: brain surgery used in the treatment of
certain severe mental illness
Fill in each of the blanks in the following sentences with a word or phrase
chosen from the Words & Phrases to Drill box. Change the form where
1. renewed with renewed strength
2. focus as vain as a peacock 爱慕虚荣 the focus of attention
3. took pride in
4. exert, exert all one’s strength 竭尽全力 pull the drowning
man out of the river
5. identity, a loss of identity 失去自我
6. necessity, a basic necessity of life 生活基本必需品
7. in particular 特别, in general 笼统,泛泛
8. potential n.潜力 (Attention: it will be mistaken as an
9. status: n. 地位social status社会地位
10. capacity: n.容量 have the capacity 能容纳
11. contribution:n. 贡献 make great contribution to
12. envy: v. 羡慕、嫉妒 envy & be jealous
envy 羡慕 (仍属健康心态)
I really envy Professor John Smith, a distinguished
professor at Stanford University. But I believe that one day I
will be at his level as well.
be jealous of, 妒忌 (属不健康心态)
Rose is so jealous of Linda who is pretty and has a happy
family that she would not go any party as long as she
knows Linda would be there.
13. complaint: n. complain v. 投诉、抱怨
14. absence: n. absent: adj. 缺席 in the absence of 缺乏
substantial evidence 充实的证据 suspect: n. 嫌疑犯
15. heal: v. 治愈heal & cure
heal指医治/治愈 但有时候不完全代表根治,一般指physically(肉体上)
There's no cure to cancer yet.还没有癌症的治愈。(cure的意思代
His scar is healing.他的伤疤在痊愈。(在这里 heal就起“正在痊愈”
当然 有时候,cure和heal也会代表同样的意思 如:
His illness is curing. (在这里 只说是疾病 并不详细 也就是说身心上
His wound is healing. (在这里 很明显之肉体上受伤) 他的伤口正在痊
Replace the italicized parts in the following sentences with
words or phrases chosen from the Words & Phrases to Drill box.
1. different from anyone’s else unique in particular
2. in general: on the whole
3.considerable: significant
4. employees: staff
5. besides: aside from/ apart from
6. part of: inherent in
7. extremely important crucial
8. side: aspect
9. showed: reflected
10. proved: demonstrated
11. emphasis: focus
12. bad: harmful
Complete the following sentences with appropriate phrasal
verbs forming from the verbs given below.
1. had longed for
2. stand aside
3. adjusted to harsh weather 恶劣的天气
4. store up
5. fend for
6. derived from
7. belong to
8. worked off
9. be associated with
Cloze: fill in the missing words and phrases
Passage A:
1. associate…with
2. in particular
3. Aside from
4. financial
5. healed
6. reverse
7. unemployment
8. harmful
9. work off
10. status
11. symptoms
12. acute
13. at work
14. staff
16. rather than
Passage B.
1. in
2. do/perform
3. own
4. as
5. itself
6. who
7. difference
8. mental
9. worker
10. labor
11. attitude
12. means
13. likely
14, from
15. fewer
16. play/rest
17. What
18. workers
19. get/grow
Put the following phrases and expressions into Chinese
1) view as
2) save one’s energy
3) modern civilization
4) be conscious of
5) make the difference between
6) a full or an empty life
7) be associated with
8) behavioral scientist
9) sense of personal achievement
10)healing effect
11) a good many
12) gain renewed self-confidence
13) mental health problems
14) acute symptoms
15) exert every effort to do sth
16) financial cares
17) a good share of
18) psychological troubles
19) fend for oneself
20) aside from
21) long for
22)serve as
23) end product
24) housekeeping staffs
25) laundry staffs
26) deceive into doing
27) store up energy
28) energy expenditure
29) a stock broker
30) customer representative
31) interact with sb
32) pride oneselves on sth
33) the running of the organization 机构运行
34) esprit de corps
35) a folding chair
36) on the whole
37) rough edges
38) work off
39) in particular
40) make the /one’s point
Compound Dictation
Directions: You will hear a passage three times. When the passage is read
for the first time, you should listen carefully for its general idea. When the
passage is read for the second time, you are required to fill in the blanks
numbered from 1 to 7 with the exact words you have just heard. For the
blanks numbered from 8 to 10, you are required to fill in the missing
information. You can either use the exact words you have just heard or write
down the main points in your own words. Finally when the passage is read
for the third time, you should check what you have written.
Everyone knows work provides the ________
material things we need to live. But
psychological well-being.
people don’t realize just how important work is to our____________
Through work we gain personal happiness and a sense of achievement, the
feeling our life has meaning
_______. Without it, life can feel empty. __________
Far from
a punishment or burden, work can even cause healing. Depressed people
renewed self-confidence and a sense of health through satisfying
often gain _________
work. Conversely, many people who retire _______
suffer worries, such as “What do
I do with myself?” Humans long for a sense of accomplishment, and work
brings them this. Of course, people _________
complain when work is difficult. But
underneath, these complaints reflect just how competent we are at
accomplishing tough things. And that’s a measure of our individuality and
personality. ___________________________________________________
We need to know who we are, and our work life gives us the
humans need to feel that their abilities contribute
to do that
positively to their community. Constructive work brings them out into the world
Group satisfaction, born from teamwork,
and in relationship with other people.________________________________
our private relationships Work relationships generally tend to be
Lastly, the pride we take in being part
simpler, less complicated and emotional.____________________________
of a successful
organization gives us the irreplaceable feeling of being “a winner”
Proverbs and Quotations
1. Work bears witness who does well.
2. It is not work that kills, but worry.
3. He that will not work shall not eat.
4. Happiness, I have discovered, is nearly always a rebound
from hard work.
— David Grayson, American journalist
—— 美国记者
5. My philosophy of life is work.
— Thomas Alva Edison, American inventor
—— 美国发明家
T• A•爱迪生
• Read the phrases again and again after class,
next time we’ll have a dictation.
• Put the sentences into English and write the
composition on your exercise-books.
• Do Vocabulary exercises in unit 10.
• Go over what we have learned in this term, and
prepare the final exam.
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