sharing and cooperation


Sharing and Cooperation

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The Lyrics in the song


Sharing is helping

Sharing is enjoying

Sharing is understanding

Sharing is perfecting


Round 1

Quite a popular TV show produced by Hunan satellite TV

Round 2 Hardship Mission


Round 3

Paternal love- Five star fathers alone shoulder the responsibility to take care of their children and complete the task together

Where Are We Going? Dad

Paternal love


1.Find out some words which can be used to describe the people in two rooms?

Hungry/Disappointed/Selfish/Stubborn at the last paragraph?

Satisfied/Content/ Happy/Relaxed/

What do you think the priest will tell us at the last paragraph?

Taken away love , our earth would be a grave .

Sharing love ,happiness and sadness is what we need.

As long as we learn to share ,happiness always come to us itself


Topic writing

If two people share sadness, their sadness will be greatly lessened. However, if two people share happiness, their happiness will be doubled.

learn to share and cooperate.


(sharing and cooperation)



① 无须写标题,不得照抄英语提示语;

② 除诗歌外,文体不限;

As is universally acknowledged, we are living in a




I can well remember there was a time when I was caught in _______________________________________




The following structures may be helpful:

1. As is widely acknowledged …It can not be denied that…/It is a widely accepted fact that…

2. I can well remember there was a time when…

3. From what has been discussed above, we can draw a conclusion/we may safely arrive at the conclusion that…

The following expressions may be helpful:

1. There is a limit to one’s power, but no limit/limitless to the group.

2. Sharing is to us what air is to humans.

3. While a good cooperation can often simplify the complex, working alone is more likely to complicate the simple.

Post Writing

Swap your writing with your partners for proof reading, and then each group choose a piece of writing for reading in front of us based on the criteria below.

Appreciation and Evaluation

Structure (clear and well-organized)


rich and vivid

Language (accurate and fluent)

Handwriting (neat and beautiful)

Sample Writing:

As is universally acknowledged, we are living in a world in which sharing and cooperation are so important. In fact, they have become increasingly prevalent in many aspects from international cooperation to daily lives. Here I would like to share my own experience with you.

I can well remember there was a time when I was caught in the sadness of failing the exam. My world turned into grey in my mind until my best friend put his hands on my shoulder, offering to comfort me. The instant I shared my feelings with him, I felt extremely relaxed. Apparently, it was sharing with my friend that pulled me through the dark moment and brought back my confidence.

As you can see, Sharing and cooperation is not only physical but also mental satisfaction. “Shared joy is a double joy, while shared sorrow is half a sorrow”. In a word, the more things we share with others, the more happiness we will get in return.


Write a passage about “An unforgettable

Successful Experience” by means of sharing and cooperating with others and exchange your writing papers with the partners.

Sharing and Cooperation

For Writing

湖北省鄂南高级中学 胡 啸

Sharing and Cooperation

For Writing

湖北省鄂南高级中学 胡 啸