Coordinate Adjectives

Using Commas with
Coordinate Adjectives
Commas used with adjectives
Adjective-descriptive word that modifies a
noun or a pronoun
• Finn is a sweet boy.
– Sweet = adjective
– Finn/boy = noun
• This novel is both engaging and thrilling.
– Engaging/thrilling = adjectives
– Novel = noun
Coordinate Adjectives
Coordinate adjectives are adjectives that
could be joined by AND because they
describe the noun separately
Use a comma between coordinate
adjectives not joined by AND
• She was warm and friendly and kind.
– When not joined by AND use a comma
• She was a warm, friendly, kind woman.
Coordinate Adjectives
You can also spot a coordinate
adjective because they can appear in
any order without affecting the
Use a comma between coordinate
adjectives not joined by AND
• She was a friendly, warm, kind woman.
• She was a kind, warm, friendly woman.
Cumulative Adjectives
Cumulative adjectives are adjectives that
do not modify a noun separately. In other
words, they have to stay together in a
particular order.
DO NOT use a comma between
cumulative adjectives.
• The rich dark chocolate cake was delicious.
• Three large gray squirrels skittered up the
What is an adjective?
 How can you tell the difference between
a coordinate and a cumulative
 Think of some examples of both
coordinate and cumulative adjectives.