2 Adjective
There was a small, frightened cat.
The little, old man walked to the
Remember: There is a comma between
the 2 adjectives!
List sentence
It was a dark, long, leafy lane.
It was a cold, wet, miserable
Remember: Use 3-4 adjectives (try and
include alliteration!).
Remember: Use commas to separate the
BOYS sentence
He was a jolly character, yet he often
felt lonely.
He was a friendly man most of the time,
but he could be really nasty.
Remember: BUT, OR, YET, SO
Remember: Use commas to separate the
two clauses (parts of the sentence).
De:De sentences
Snails are slow: they take hours to cross the
shortest of distances.
I was exhausted: I hadn’t slept for more than
two nights.
A description: Detail
Remember: 2 independent clauses
separated by a colon.
NOUN, who/which/where
Manchester, which is in the north of England, is home to
Coronation Street.
Cakes, which taste fantastic, are not so good for your
Remember: Start with a noun.
Remember: Use 2 commas to open
and close the embedded (middle)
SIMILE (like a…/as a…)
Harry roared like a lion to scare
his sister.
Sammy walked as slow as a snail
Emotion word, comma sentences
Desperate, she screamed for help.
Anxious, they began to realise they
were lost in the forest.
Remember: Separate the emotion
word with a comma.
Frightened, terrified, exhausted,
they ran from the creature.
Remember: Make sure your words are 3
positive words or 3 negative words.
Remember: Mark the words in a list with
O.(I.) outside (inside) sentence
She smiled happily at the crowd of people
that had gathered for her book signing.
(However, inside she was more nervous
than ever.)
Remember: The first part of the sentence
shows what the character is doing, the second
part shows the characters inner feelings.
Remember: Don’t forget brackets and 2 full
If, if, if, then
If only he had looked, if the car
hadn’t been speeding, if the
weather hadn’t caused such poor
driving conditions, then maybe he
would be here today.
Remember: Start with then and
work backwards.
Verb, person sentence
Swimming, Abdul had always
been terrified.
Remember: Start with a verb and
then a noun.
4 Adjective sentence
It was an overgrown, messy garden with a
lifeless, leafless tree.
A little, old man walked to the spooky,
dark castle.
Remember: 4 adjectives with commas to
separate the adjectives.