Chapter 5b

Contextual Analysis Ch5. (cont.)
1. Syntactic clues
2. Semantic clues
The man was attacked by a
• What’s a marbohem?
• Using the structure of the sentence, we
know it is a noun.
Noun markers
verb markers
clause markers: if, now, before
phrase sometimes describe or refine a word.
P. 193
Semantic Clues
• 1. Word meanings are given:
– definitions or explanations. (is,are, means)
2. Synonyms and antonyms are repeated in the
3. Figurative language. Metaphor and similes
which follow or precede give clues.
It is raining cats and dogs. Several cars stalled in
the flooded stream.
4. Summary statements. Connected story
information gives clues. P.194
Dictionary Instruction
• Goals: 1. Find the word
• 2. Determine its pronunciation
• 3. Select the correct meaning in the context
in which it is used.
• What you need to know: ABC order to 3rd
letter. Recognize root words, y at the end
of the word changes to ies for plural.
Letters have different sounds in different
How the dictionary helps.
Unlocks pronunciation of words.
Gives new meanings
Checks for correct spelling
Expand the vocabulary
Developmental stages connected
with dictionary use.
• 1. Must recognize letters.
• 2. Know ABC order to 3rd letter.
• 3. Know to look in first, middle, or last for
v, m, k.
• 4. Use accent marks to pronounce words.
• 5. Words that are spelled alike have
different meanings.
• 6. Determine the most preferred
Dictionary skills (cont.)
• 7. Select the meaning that fits context.
• 8. Use guide words to find page for the
• 9. Use special terms: geographical terms,
foreign words or phrases.