Guide 3 ppt

Guide 3
Write in an Efficient, ActionOriented Style
 Writing in an efficient style means saying
everything that needs to be said and nothing
 Writing in an action-oriented style means
writing in a strong, lively style that gives a
sense of movement or emphasizes action.
 BUT—being too blunt or gruf often is
interpreted as being rude.
Condense Written Copy
 Use a direct style: present information in a
logical, straightforward manner.
 Eliminate repetitive material: Information
should be repeated only when it is necessary
for emphasis
 Avoid Hidden Verbs: Avoid hiding verbs
in a noun form.
 (Hidden verb)Please call if I can be of
assistance to you.
 (Active verb) Please call if I can assist you.
 (Hidden verb) We must make a decision on
this issue today.
 (Active verb) We must decide this issue
(must be an action verb—assist, decide,
something you can do)
 (Hidden Verb)Please take all alternatives
into consideration.
 (Active Verb) Please consider all
 (Hidden Verb) Please make the
announcement that lunch will be served at
 (Active Verb) Please announce that lunch
will be served at noon.
Replace Wordy Phrases
 Phrases are often used when one word
would convey the message adequately.
For example:
At the present time = now
Replace Wordy Phrases
In the amount of =
o for
In the near future =
o soon
During the time that =
o while
Use Only Necessary Modifiers
 Repeat again = again
 Maximum possible = maximum
 New innovation = innovation
 Merge together = merge
 Cooperate together = cooperate
(The first set of words mean the same thing so
only use one of them.)
Use Only Necessary Descriptive
In some cases descriptive words are
necessary—in other cases they simply
occupy space.
We must say either New York City or New
York State (to clarify which place)
We don’t need to say the City of Chicago
(there’s only one Chicago)
Examples of Descriptive Words
 The box was square in shape.
 (better) The box was square
(everyone knows a square is a shape)
 The dog weighed 50 pounds in weight
 (better) The dog weighed 50 pounds
 The report was 20 pages in length.
 (better) The report was 20 pages.
Use Only Necessary Alternatives
 Thank you for your kindness and hospitality.
 (better) Thank you for your hospitality.
(use one or the other, but not both)
 Call if you have questions or concerns
 (better) Call if you have questions.
 Let me know if you need my help or assistance.
 (better) Let me know if you need help.
Use Active Voice in Most
 Active verbs are used when the subject does
the action that is described by the verb.
 Terri was presented with the award by the
President. (passive)
 The President presented the award to Terri.
Use Active Verbs
 The dog was saved by Tom. (passive)
 Tom saved the dog. (active)
 The announcement of the winner will be made by
the mayor. (passive)
 The mayor will announce the winner. (active)
 Your check was mailed on May 10 (passive)
 The accountant mailed your check on May
Use Active Voice
 Sentences using passive voice are difficult
to correct.
 However, when you are using MS Word,
the spell check fixes these for you.
 If the sentence is underlined in green, click
on the section underlined.
 The computer will say “use of Passive
Voice” and give a suggestion.
 Have the computer change to the suggested
correction, and you will usually be correct.