World Religions PPT 2014

World Religions Notes
World Religions Interesting Facts
Oldest to Youngest: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam
Largest Religion: Christianity (Why?)
Worship: Muslims (Friday), Jews (Saturday) & Christians (Sunday)
Branches: Christianity (3), Buddhism (2), Islam (2), Hinduism (4), Judaism (3)
Symbols: Christianity (The Cross), Islam (Crescent Moon), Judaism
(Star of David), Hinduism (Sacred Ohm), & Buddhism (The Wheel)
• Holy Scriptures: Christianity (The Bible), Islam (Koran), Judaism
(Torah), Hinduism (Vedas), & Buddhism (Sutras)
• Famous Quotes On Religion
– People have just enough religion to make them hate, but not enough to make
them love one another. --Jonathan Swift
– Philosophy is questions that may never be answered. Religion is answers that
may never be questioned. --Unknown
– Religion is for people who are trying to keep from going to hell. Spirituality is
for people who have already been there.
• Founded: 3000 B.C. Oldest Religion. No founder
• Holy Scriptures: Vedas, Upanishads & Bhagavad Gita
• God: Brahman (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva)
– Many manifestations (Rays of light)
• Hindus Believe:
– Law of Karma (Action & Reaction)
– Reincarnation (Soul travels until released)
– All Paths Lead To God (Tolerance)
– Vegetarian Lifestlye= All Life Sacred (Ahisma)
– Personal Guru & Family Shrine
– Mantras, Caste System
• Goal of Hinduism:
– “To escape the physical realm (time) or cycle of
reincarnation and become one Spirit with Brahman
(eternity) by purifying the soul over many lifetimes.”
Family Shrine
Ganges River
• Founded: 2000 B.C. By Abraham (Father of the Jews)
• Holy Scriptures: Torah (Moses), Talmud & Kabbalah
• God:“YAWEH or JEHOVA” (Monotheism)
• Types: Orthodox, Reform, & Conservative
• Jews Believe:
Torah, Talmud & 10 Commandments Must Be Obeyed
Observe The Sabbath (Saturday, NO WORK!)
Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah & Bar Mitzvah)
Kosher Laws (No Pork, Shell Fish, Blood In Meat)
Messiah (Christ) Coming To Rule The World
Land Of Israel Belongs To The Jews
• Goal of Judaism:
– Live Moral Lives, Worship One God, Heaven May Exist,
Follow the Torah, God Forgives Faithful Jews
Father Abraham
The Torah
• Founded: 5th-6th BC By The Buddha (Prince Siddhartha Guatama)
• Holy Scriptures: Tripitaka, Sutras & Tibetan Dead Book
• God: There Is No God
• Types: Theraveda (Monks) & Mahayana
• Beliefs Of Buddhism
– 4 Noble Truths (Cure For Suffering)
– Eightfold Path (The Middle Way)
– Life Is An Illusion (We Are Asleep & Dreaming)
– Nirvana Through Meditation (Thought Control)
• Goal of Buddhism
– Is to awaken to Enlightenment. There is no god. There is no soul. There is
no reincarnation only rebirth. Only the eternal exists & time is an
illusion…We are dreaming we are alive and must be awakened to see
Enlightenment, Nirvana = Eternity…
The Four Noble Truths
–Four Noble Truths
• 1. ALL humans endure pain &
• 2. WE SUFFER BECAUSE we desire,
we have an ego, we want more, & we
are selfish
• 3. To End suffering we must end
desire. (Called Nirvana)
• 4. DESIRE is understood through
the eightfold path leading to
–Eight Fold Path (Middle Way)
• Right Views- Accept the 4 Noble Truths
• Right Intent- Renounce all bad thoughts
• Right Speech- Speak only the truth
• Right Conduct- no stealing, killing
• Right Livelihood- work to benefit others
• Right Effort- eliminate evil qualities
• Right Mindfulness- be aware & free
• Right Concentration- train mind to work.
• Meditation, Haiku, Caligraphy & Koans
Founded: 26 A.D. By Jesus Christ
Holy Scriptures: The Bible (Old & New)
God: Father, Son & Holy Ghost (Trinity)
Types: Catholic, Orthodox & Protestants
Christians Believe:
– Exclusiveness (One Way), Morality (Heart), Miracles
– Baptism (Water), Sacraments, Prayer, Sin, Forgiveness
– 2nd Coming Of Christ, Resurrection, Judgment Day
• Goal Of Christianity
– Called The Gospel: All Have Sinned, Jesus Died For Sins
& Rose Again, Believe In Christ, Receive Eternal life &
Escape Judgment, Live In Heaven For Eternity
• Founded: 610 A.D. By Prophet Mohammed
• Holy Scriptures: The Quran & Sunnah
• God: “Allah” Is The One True God
• Types: Sunni & Shia (Imams)
• Beliefs Of Muslims (Islam)
– Mohammad Is The Final Prophet
• Allah Gave Mohammad The Quran By The Angel Gabriel
– 5 Pillars Of Faith
• 5 Daily Prayers, Confession, Ramadan, Tithes, & Pilgrimage (Mecca)
• Goal Of Islam:
– Muslims Must Follow The 5 Pillars Of Faith, Live A
Submissive Life, & Await Allah’s Mercy On Judgment Day
5 Pillars of Faith
– FAITH (Confession: There is no God but Allah
and Mohammed is His prophet)
– PRAYER (Friday mosque at noon)
• 5 set times per day facing Mecca
– ALMS (Gifts to the poor, 2.5% of income)
– FASTING (Spiritual exercise)
• Ramadan Fast for 1 month
• Sunrise to sunset (No food, no drink)
• A visit to Mecca at least once in lifetime
Ways To Exercise Religion
Giving to poor
• Baptism
• Begging/Vows
Shrine Worship
Reading Scripture
Holy Days
Kosher (Dietary
• Charlemagne
Religious Wars
– Forced Conversions Of Saxons
• The Crusades
– Christians vs. Muslims (Holy Land)
• Thirty Years War
– Protestants vs. Catholics
• St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre
– Catholics Killing French Protestants
• Salem Witch Trials
– Christians Killing Women
• Holy Inquisition
– Jews, Muslims & Heretics
• Russian Pogroms
– Christians Persecuting Jews
• Northern Ireland vs. Ireland
– Protestants vs. Catholics
• Bosnian War Christians
– Christians Killing Muslims
• Sudanese Civil War
– Muslims Killing Christians
• Sri Lanka
– Hindus Killing Buddhists
• Kashmir
– Hindus vs. Muslims
• Al Queda
– Muslims Killing Westerners
The Kabba
Vatican City
The River Of God