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Argo : how the CIA and Hollywood pulled off the most audacious rescue in history
E183.8 .I55 M46 2012
Charlie and the Angels : the Outlaws, the Hells Angels and the sixty years war
HV6486 .C348 2012
Crime in Canadian context : debates and controversies
HV6807 .O47 2007
The criminal event : an introduction to criminology in Canada
HV6025 .S23 2011
Criminology : a Canadian perspective
HV6807 .C77 2009
Criminology : critical Canadian perspectives
HV6025 .K73 2011
Critical issues in criminal justice
HV7921 .C77 2009
Disrupted childhoods : children of women in prison
HV8886 .U5 S54 2011
Escape from Camp 14 : one man's remarkable odyssey from North Korea to freedom in the West
HV9815.6 .H37 2013
Faces of fraud : cases and lessons from a life of fighting fraudsters
HV6691 .B4738 2013
Fires... accidental or arson? : fire investigations
TH9180 .K49 2011
Handbook on firesetting in children and youth
RJ506 .P95 H36 2002
In the shadow of death : restorative justice and death row families
HV8699 .U5 B393 2009
Introductory criminal analysis : crime prevention and intervention strategies
HV7936 .C88 B35 2005
The law of investigative detention
KE9265 .F58 2013
Making public places safer : surveillance and crime prevention
HV7431 .W398 2009
Ontario annual practice.
[REF] KEO1114.74 .O57 2013
The Oxford handbook of criminological theory
HV6025 .O868 2013
Parental incarceration and the family: psychological and social effects of imprisonment on …...
HV8886 .U5 A73 2012
Placing the suspect behind the keyboard : using digital forensics and investigative techniques to identify c HV8079 .C65 S437 2013
Pot, Inc. : inside medical marijuana, America's most outlaw industry
RM666 .C266 C34 2012
Probation and parole : theory and practice
HV9278 .A2 2012
Probation, parole, and community-based corrections : supervision, treatment …...
HV9304 .B377 2013
Promise unfulfilled : juvenile justice in America
HV9104 .P76 2012
Punishment & sentencing : risk, rehabilitation and restitution
HV8693 .B85 2010
Racetalk : racism hiding in plain sight
P120 .R32 M95 2005
Rachel's story : as told by her mother
HV890 .C3 S46 2007
Racialized policing : aboriginal people's encounters with the police
HV7936 .R3 C66 2012
Ranking correctional punishments : views from offenders, practitioners, and the public
HV8693 .M39 2010
Redemption, rehabilitation and risk management : a history of probation
HV9345 .A5 M35 2012
Shot in the heart
HV6529 .G55 1995
State control over private military and security companies in armed conflict
KZ6418 .T66 2011
Studying fraud as white collar crime
Supervision of police personnel
Surveillance and governance : crime control and beyond
Telling it to the judge : taking Native history to court
Thinking about criminal justice in Canada
Thomson Nelson guide to careers in criminal justice
Through the glass
Transnational threats : smuggling and trafficking in arms, drugs, and human life
White-collar crime : an opportunity perspective
Why punish? How much? : a reader on punishment
Women and crime : a reference handbook
Writing for the court
Youth criminal justice policy in Canada : a critical introduction
HV6691 .S78 2011
HV7936 .S8 I2 2014
HV7936 .T4 S87 2008
KE7709 .R39 2011
HV9960 .C2 O738 2013
HV9960 .C2 O74 2006
HV6593 .C3 M67 2012
HV6252 .T76 2007
HV6768 .B465 2009
HV8665 .T66 2011
HV6046 .W36 2012
KE265 .R39 2010
KE9445 .A7648 2012