AS U TYPE is a simple intuitive commercial
product that provides 2 basic functions
Spell Check with a medical vocabulary
 Macro Capability
It will not fix AHLTA. It’s purpose is to save
the end user some time and improve the
quality/content of medical documentation
It can be leveraged by all members of the health
care team
Clinical Champion for AS U Type
[email protected]
Navy Medicine has purchased approximately 23,000 AS U TYPE licenses.
AS U TYPE is a real time spell check and macro tool that runs off of your
computer desk top. It works with all programs in which you enter text. It
has been tested with AHLTA and works quite well. AHLTA version 3.3’s
native spell check was turned off due to problems. AS U TYPE has more
capabilities including a medical vocabulary and superior macro management
tools (easy import and export of personalized vocabularies and macros). AS
U TYPE will benefit those that incorporate the routine use of text macros* as
part of a shared work flow and those that use large numbers of text macros in
their documentation. It would also be beneficial for those people that are
running other text entry medical software such as CliniComp International’s
Essentris on their desktops, because AS U TYPE will work with this and
many other products.
*text macros - generating chunks of text with a few keystrokes…like an entire
knee injection procedure note with the letters…RKI (short for right knee injection)
Similarities (AS U TYPE VS
English Language Real Time Spell Check
Macro capability
Configuration of how spell check will act
Note: for now, the AHLTA spell check has been
turned off
Does not spell check add
No medical vocabulary
No built in macro
management capability
Only spell checks real
Does not save your
changes to the vocabulary
AS U Type
Spell checks all places
including add note
Medical vocabulary
Function to easily import
and export personalized
Spell checks real time and
allows for post typing
spell check
Saves your changes to the
Only works with
Does not track mistakes
Limited configuration
options with spell check
Will work with all
Tracks mistakes
More configurable to end
users desire
Who should get AS U TPE?
Providers should get priority but there are more than
enough licenses to distribute to the entire health care
Those that use a number of macros as part of a shared
work flow
Shared clinic documentation
Case Management
Those that use a large number of macros
Those with frequent typing mistakes in their free text
Who should not get AS U TYPE
AHLTA will eventually have some capability natively
Those that don’t feel they need it (e.g. very fast
typists and those who never misspell)
Those that do not use free text much
Those that do not extensively use text macro’s
Other considerations
AS U TYPE does not interfere with other spell
check software
AS U Type should work well with our inpatient
Those who use Dragon Naturally Speaking can
use the same Macro’s made for AS U Type so
perhaps they don’t need As U Type
If a site wants to purchase more licenses the cost
is not prohibitive.
AS U Type
Getting Started
AS U TYPE has a Tutorial and a robust help key
Easy and quick
Help Key with table of contents
Getting Started
By clicking on the ICON the program is activated and As U
Type is added to your active desk top (note red circles).
NOTE: The medical vocabulary is a free down load from the AS U Type .
Web site ( It is a text file (small size, quick download)
Make sure it is an installed vocabulary
BASIC Functions
The next several slides describe some of the
basic functions of the system.
The AS U Type menu is accessed by clicking on the icon on the lower
right of the screen. Access to the tutorial and help are found by clicking
the help key on the upper right.
Some people do not want AS U TYPE active at all times. To turn it on and
off on the fly right click once on the icon in the lower right hand corner of
your screen.
AS U TYPE has a medical vocabulary that you can download from their web site
(text file) and install. This option is available by clicking on the spelling dictionary
items. You can modify your user customized vocabulary and easily load and
unload for use on different computers.
AS U TYPE spell checks as you are typing. When you make a mistake it
opens a list of potential options. If you want to ignore the suggestion
press the escape key on your key board.
You have the option of adding a new correct word to the vocabulary by pressing
F2. If you want to add a new incorrect word to be recognized you can do this by
pressing 0. This can also be done from the vocabulary option
Adding the recognition of a new incorrect word using the vocabulary
You can also spell check a block of text after the you are finished typing.
There are two methods.
How do I use HiliCheck to check a text after I
1.Select the text
2. Press <CTRL+SHIFT+A+H> hot key
How do I use ClipCheck to check a text after I
If the text is plain:
1.Select the text
2.Press <CTRL+SHIFT+A+C> hot key
Macro Tool
AS U TYPE has a robust text macro generation
tool. You can chose to use text or programmed
hot keys as triggers. You can cut and paste from
a word processor to create the macro.
It is easy to import and export your personalized
macro library for use on another computer or
sharing with other users
Only plain text is supported by the macro tool
The text macro tool.
By clicking on the short cut list you are shown the macro management
Here we have created a text macro for nutritional advice for a 6 month old. If we
type the trigger term it will enter the entire document. Your entire personal macro
library can be loaded and unloaded using the designated keys.
By typing the trigger you insert a large block of text
Individual text macros can be imported and exported into the system
using the import and export keys
The tool has further explanation of special
functions you can utilize such as utilizing
multiple clip boards. You can find out more by
using the help key or going to the As U Type
web site (Fanix Software)
AHLTA Based Concepts
If you use a great deal of free text and make
frequent typo’s that you have to go back and
edit, AS U Type can save time by catching the
errors as they occur. If you take the time to add
any new corrections, the tool rapidly adapts to
your personal writing style. You can export your
personalized vocabulary for use on another
AHLTA Based Concepts
Use Case Example: A group of triage nurses for
the pediatric clinic often find themselves
documenting advice about specific problems
repetitively. The group could get together and
write a macro for all of their standardized advice
and share it with the entire team by using the
import/export/load/unload functions. They
will then save time with documentation and
standardize the documentation of the advice
they are dispensing.
The AHLTA 3.3 Tel-Con Module
The triage nurses can easily use a standardized macro
to speed up documentation in the telephone consult
AHLTA Based Concepts
The case management community wants to
create a group of standard case management
care plans for all of Navy Medicine. A macro
library can be generated centrally, e-mailed to all
of the case managers in the Navy and added to
each case manager’s individual work computer.
This would save time and standardize the
documentation of care plans throughout Navy
The case managers can use standardized macros for their care plans by
adding them in the add note section which will end up in the bottom of the
When taking vital signs a macro could be added to the comments section
based on responses to a paper questionnaire the patient filled out prior to
getting the vitals checked. Example: Documentation of Joint Commission
Documentation of Procedures
Writing a note after completing a procedure can
be much more efficient by using a text macro
Standard procedure note for a lumbar puncture
inserted using a macro
Procedure documented in final note