FINAL REVIEW - Editing Matters

Things you need to study to pass the
final exam
Name the president of France
Nicolas Sarkozy
3. His departure won't (affect,
effect) the recruitment of Sims.
A. affect
B. effect
A. affect
When you need the verb form, you'll
almost always want the a-word:
"affect." "Effect" usually is a noun.
4. (Principal, Principle) areas of growth
include nearby Gadsden County.
A. Principal
B. Principle
A. Principal
You think of a principal as the
leader of a school. True. But why is
that person called a principal?
Because she or he is the chief
administrator, the head honcho,
the No. 1 official. In the sentence
above, we wanted the No. 1 areas
of growth. Principle means a
fundamental truth.
6. Tony spent about 25 minutes sitting in a chair, seeming
annoyed and (disinterested, uninterested).
B. Uninterested.
Disinterested" means impartial.
Uninterested means lacking interest.
7. He's even offering a $50 reward to (whoever,
whomever) reunites her with her collection.
Reunites is a new verb: That verb
needs a subject. Who reunites
her? She reunites.
8. The woman (who / whom) rented the car got a
A . who
B. whom
A. Who
She rented the car. You want a subject so you
want who. You wouldn’t say her rented the
I need to lay / lie down.
• A. lay
• B. lie
B. Lie – a state of reclining
11. (Among / between) the three of us,
chocolate is king.
A. Among
B. Between
Among refers to more than two things.
Name the U.S. attorney general.
Who is Eric Holder?
13. The lyrics of the song make an
(allusion / illusion) to Jamaican politics.
a. allusion
b. illusion
A. allusion
• Illusion is unreal impression, misconception,
unreal image perception: He had an illusion he
could fly across the sea.
• Allusion is a hint, indirect reference: He made
an allusion to her vanity.
15. The data (is / are )being collected by 20
different agencies.
• A. is
• B. are
B. are
• DATA is plural, as are media, strata,
phenomena, criteria and alumni. (Substitute
they if the noun is plural to figure out which
verb you want. )
16. Edit your work carefully to (ensure/
insure ) accuracy.
• A . ensure
• B. insure
A. ensure
• In AP style, ENSURE is to guarantee: A good
writer takes every possible measure to ensure
• INSURE is used in references to insurance.
17. They travelled FARTHER, FURTHER into
the wilds of New Jersey.
• A. farther
• B. further
A. farther
• FARTHER refers to physical distance.
• FURTHER refers to degree, time or quantity.
18. Neither Feeney nor McKay (was, were)
• A. was
• B. were
A. was
• In neither/nor subjects, the verb agrees with
the one nearer to it: McKay.
• Compare this correct example: Neither the
apple nor the oranges were ripe.
19. A murderer is:
• A. Someone who has killed someone.
• B. Someone who has killed someone and
been caught.
• C. Someone charged with murder.
• D. Someone convicted of the charge of
murder in a court of law.
• Don’t call someone a murderer unless they’ve
been convicted of murder.
20. Which is correct according to AP
A. 2332 West Kincaid Street
B. 2332 W. Kincaid St.
C. 2332 West Kincaid St.
D. 2332 W. Kincaid Street
2332 W. Kincaid St.
• In a full address, abbreviate everything that
can be abbreviated.
21, Indicate the correct form in AP
• A.
• B.
the '90's
the '90s
• .
the '90s
22. By the ___________, he read at a
_________ level.
A. first grade, fourth-grade
B. first-grade, fourth-grade
C. first-grade, fourth grade
D. first grade, fourth grade
• first grade, fourth-grade
23. Indicate the correct punctuation in
AP Style for a movie title?
• A. “Gone With the Wind”
• B. Gone With The Wind
• C. “Gone With the Wind”
A – see composition titles
• Put quotation marks around movie titles, book
titles, song titles, TV shows….
25. Its/It's up to the publisher to
pick the winning entry
A. It’s
B. Its
A. It’s
• It’s = it is
26. The contest raised between
_________ for the school.
A. $5 million and $7 million
B. $5 and $7 million
A. $5 million and $7 million
• The amount was not between $5 and $7
million dollars -- which is what the other
answer says. Remember use numerals with
27. Which sentence is correct?
• A. Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Nebraska, took office
in 2009..
• B. Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb., took office in
• C. Sen. Mike Johanns, Republican-Nebraska,
took office in 2009.
• D. Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Ne., took office in
B. Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb.,
• Look under party affiliations in AP Style. Use
the AP state abbreviations.
28. Choose the correct answer.
• A. There are more than one million people in
• B. There are more than 1 million people in
Use numerals with billions/millions.
• B. There are more than 1 million people in
29. Which is right?
• A. She drove from Lincoln, Neb., to Lansing,
Mich., before Christmas.
• B. She drove from Lincoln, Neb. to Lansing,
Mich. before Christmas.
• C. She drove from Lincoln, Ne., to Lansing, Mi.,
before Christmas.
• D. She drove from Lincoln, NE. to Lansing, MI.
before Christmas.
See state names/punctuation
• A. She drove from Lincoln, Neb., to Lansing,
Mich., before Christmas.
30. Which is correct?
The 5-year-old boy wants a football.
The five year old boy wants a football.
The 5 year old boy wants a football.
The five-year-old boy wants a football.
See numerals in AP
• A. The 5-year-old boy wants a football.
31. Which is right?
• A. The recipe calls for 1/3 of a cup of flour.
• B. The recipe calls for one-third of a cup of
Spell out fractions less than one.
• B. The recipe calls for one-third of a cup of
33. Which is correct?
• A. After the semester ends, she’s heading to
• B. After the semester ends she’s heading to
See commas
• A. Use a comma after introductory clauses.
36. The police department said (it is/
they are) are investigating.
• A. it
• B. they
A. It
• It refers to the department. They refers to
people, not a collective. So police officers say
they are investigating. The police department
says it is investigating.
37. The Nebraska (Legislature /
legislature) met in special session.
• A. Legislature
• B. legislature
A. Legislature
• When referring to a specific Legislature (or
City Council) use uppercase.
38. Choose the best answer
• A. Tiger Woods has a badly damaged
• B. Tiger Woods has a badly-damaged
A. badly damaged
• No hyphen with ly words.
39. Choose the best answer.
• A. Tom’s and Mary’s house is decorated for
the holidays.
• B. Tom and Mary’s house is decorated for the
B. Tom and Mary’s house
• See possessives in AP. They have one house.
Only the last noun needs to be possessive.
40. Choose the best answer.
• A. The students, who study hard, will pass the
• B. The students who study hard will pass the
B. No commas
• Study essential clauses and non-essential
clauses. You need who study hard for the
sentence to make sense – so no commas.
41. Name Nebraska’s secretary of
John Gale
43. Name the chief justice of the U.S.
Supreme Court.
John G. Roberts Jr.
44. Name the president of Afghanistan
Hamid Karzai
Jerry was driving toward / towards
Omaha when the accident
A. toward
B. towards
A. Toward
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