What is this an allusion to?

Allusion in modern films
Ms. Mitchell’s class
What is Allusion?
A reference within a literary work to a
historical or literary person, place or event
Watch the entire movie clip before you
try to guess what is being alluded to!
What is this an allusion to?
From “Shrek”
“The Matrix”
What is this an allusion to?
From “17 Again”
…this one too…
From “The Tooth Fairy”
“A Few Good Men”
One more
From “Toy Story”
Star Wars: Episode V
The Empire Strikes Back
This one has a lot!
From “Desperate Housewives”
“Adam & Eve” (1526)
Egyptian Hieroglyphics
"Arnolfini Wedding" (1434)
"American Gothic," (1930)
Roy Lichtenstein
You are now…
…becoming Allusion Masters, my young
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