Acts 21-28

Summary of Acts 21-28
21 – Jerusalem Riot
22 – Paul’s defense to the crowd
23 – Paul before the Sanhedrin
24 – Paul before Governor Felix
25 – Paul before Governor Festus
26 – Paul before King Agrippa II
27 – Paul sails for Rome/Storm/Shipwreck
28 – Paul arrives in Rome
Paul’s 3rd Missionary Journey
• The brothers received
us warmly. (17)
• They praised God! (20)
• However…. (20)
The Lie
They have been informed that
you teach all the Jews who
live among the Gentiles to
turn away from Moses, telling
them not to circumcise their
children or live according to
our customs. (21)
The Temple Riot
• Some Asian
Jews spread the
word that Paul
had brought a
Trophimus, into
the Temple (21:29)
Herod’s Temple in the
“No foreigner is to
enter within the
forecourt and the
balustrade around
the sanctuary.
Whoever is caught
will have himself to
blame for his
subsequent death.”
• Found at the
entrance to the
Court of the
• 4 ½ foot wall
• Latin & Greek
Paul’s Defense
to the Mob
• In Aramaic
• Very Jewish
End of Defense
• Your martyr
Stephen (20)
• Go, I will send
you far away to
the Gentiles
The crowd listened to Paul
until he said this.
Paul was spared a flogging by
appealing to his Roman citizenship.
• Born a citizen
(Acts 22:28)
• Mentioned by
Luke – never
by Paul in his
• Only 5 million
of 50 million
inhabitants of
the empire
were citizens
The Commander
• Commander
Claudius Lysias
released Paul and
called a meeting of
the Sanhedrin
• Divide &
• I am a Pharisee!
• I am on trial
because of my
hope in the
resurrection of
the dead. (6)
The Lord stood near
Paul and said, “Take
courage! As you have
testified about me in
Jerusalem, so you must
also testify in Rome.
• More than 40 men
• Vow – Not to eat or
drink till Paul was dead
• Took plan to the chief
priests and elders
• Plan was discovered by
Paul’s nephew who
lived in Jerusalem
• Told Paul
• Told Claudius Lysias
Go Tonight!
• 1,000 soldiers
were stationed
in Jerusalem
• 470 were sent
to protect Paul
Governor Felix
• Procurator of Judea
(A.D. 52-59)
• A freed slave
• Freedman Rank
Governor Felix
• Immoral (married 3
times), cruel
• Tacitus – indulging in
every kind of cruelty
and lust, exercised the
power of a king in the
spirit of a slave.
Governor Felix
• Felix, who was well
acquainted with the
Way (22)
• Had a Jewish wife
• Decided to wait for
Claudius Lysias
Sermon to Felix
and Drusilla
• Left Paul in
prison for 2
years as a favor
to the Jews
Nero Replaces Felix with Festus
• Felix was a terrible ruler
who hated the Jews
• Festus was much
stronger and fairer
• Died after only 3 years
Nero Replaces Felix with Festus
• Felix was a terrible ruler who
hated the Jews
• Festus was much stronger and
• Died after only 3 years in office
I appeal to Caesar!
Acts 25:11
Acts 25:12
To Caesar you will go!
King Agrippa II
& Bernice
• Brother and Sister
• Siblings of Drusilla (Wife of Felix)
• Children of Agrippa I
• Great-grandchildren of Herod the
The Verdict
• Paul was innocent
• He could have
been set free
• Must send him to
• Typhoon hit
them at Crete
• “Sandbars of
Syrtis” (17) are
in N. Africa
• “We…gave up
hope” (20)
Do Not Fear!
• You must
stand trial
before Caesar
• 18:9 – Corinth
• 23:11 –
• Complete dark
• 14 nights (27)
• 276 people
• Struck sandbar
• Saved by the
Shipwreck on Malta (28:1)
Paul in Rome
• Lived by himself in
his own rented
apartment (16, 30)
• A soldier to guard
him (16)
• Probably chained
in 4-hour shifts
For two whole years
Paul stayed there in
his own rented house
and welcomed all who
came to see him.
Boldly and without
hindrance he preached
the kingdom of God
and taught about the
Lord Jesus Christ.
(Acts 28:30-31)
Luke does not tell us the result of
Paul’s trial before Caesar.
During the 2 years in Rome Paul
wrote the 4 Prison Epistles
• Ephesians
• Philippians
• Colossians
• Philemon
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