Different Kinds of Teapots

Different Kinds of Teapots
By: Felisa
Anne Kraus Teapots
“For U.S One day a
dream was pointed out
to me”, she said.
Made in 1986
Glazed earthenware
6 ¼ in. high
The teapot deal with
idealism and hope.
Minton,Ltn., Britain Teapot
Man with Mask
Majolica ware in 1880
Glazed earthenware
5 ¼ in. high
Amy Sabrina, U.S Teapots
In 1987
Glazed earthenware
11 inches.
Akio Takamori, U.S Teapots
Woman Teapot
In 1986
Stoneware 6 ¾
Minton teapot
From Britain
Man with Sack Teapot
Majolica ware made in
Glazed earthenware
5 ½ in. high
Matheo Thun Teapot
From Italy
Corvus Corax Teapot
In 1982
Porcelain 9 inches high
This special teapot with its
barbed handle is an amusing
commentary on the
relationship of form and
Lingaard Pottery Teapot
From Britain
There was an old
Woman Who Lived in a
Made in 1935
Glazed earthenware
5 inches. high
Lingaard Pottery Teapot
From Britain
Made in 1930
Glazed ceramic 5 inches
Annette Corcoran Teapot
From Unite States
Heron Head Teapot
In 1987
Porcelain 6 ½ in. high
History of teapots
Teapots are use for elegant party’s
Teapots also have a meaning of tangible
symbols of a life-affirming ritual.
Teapots have been created in the shape of birds,
fish, cabbages, kings, crowns, camels, and cars.
Teapots also have a meaning that inspire the
humor, irony, and strange genius of the truly
peculiar teapots.
Teapots heritage
Teapots were and still are use by kings and
Once the drink of emperors and king, tea is
today the most egalitarian of beverages.
This delightful drink is second only to water in
worldwide popularity, consumed at a rate of
over fifty billion serving a year
The rituals of teapots
Upper class persons had the most delicate
teapots of beautiful designs, also know as high
The most famous for using a teapot was tea
In both the East and West tea drinking has
long been linked to formal ceremony and highly
evolved rituals.
Different meaning and how
teapots are made
A crucial aesthetic elements of the tea ceremony
whether in China, Japan, or England are and
still are the selection of the utensils used for
making and serving tea.
In china teapots had the most significant of the
early teapots were produced from 1510 onward
in the Yixing region
The eccentric Teapots
By: Garth Clark
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