Co-Marketing T&C`s for GMU

New Terms and Conditions 2013
Co-Marketing Workshop in Prague
September 04, 2013
 Intro to the new T&C’s design and structure
- Non-Event spending categories
- Event spending categories
- Enablement spending categories
 Expense Limits
 Expenses
- Non-reimbursable
- Actions/expenses that cause entire claim to be ineligible
 Good to remember…
 Key aspects of successful claiming
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Co-Marketing T&C’s for GMU, effective August 2013
NON-Event Demand Generation Campaigns
In CMC world
category does
not exit any
Digital / Internet
Direct Marketing
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Co-Marketing T&C’s for GMU, effective August 2013
NON-Event Demand Generation Campaigns
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Co-Marketing T&C’s for GMU, effective August 2013
EVENT Demand Generation Campaigns – 3 spending categories
Trade show
Advertising, Direct Marketing,
Digital/Internet Marketing and
can be submitted as part of
Event activity if main campaign
purpose is to drive attendance
at an event.
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Co-Marketing T&C’s for GMU, effective August 2013
Limited Use Categories: ENABLEMENT Spending Categories
(Depends on Incentive offering & Program owner)
 Demo & Loaner program:
Certain types of demonstration equipment may be funded by sponsoring
 Education / Certification:
Education and training provided by IBM or an approved vendor to develop
IBM product-related or business skills for the Business Partner.
Reimbursement is contingent upon the BP’s successful completion of the
course or certification.
 Enablement:
Education and training provided by VAD for two or more Business Partners.
 Innovation Centers:
Costs for creating and maintaining an Innovation Center, including set-up
maintenance and facility expenses.
 Personnel Salaries:
Labor costs for incremental or temporary staff dedicated solely to following
specific IBM activities.
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Online Event Certification (Event Eligibility statement) at Claim submission for GMU
This text will be displayed for Event Categories,
such as Customer Conference, Marketing Seminars and Trade Shows
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Per MAR & per person limits continue to be in place for:
(including alcohol if allowed in accordance with local laws)
Allowable if the meals/refreshments are integral elements of a marketing campaign, are reasonable and customary in amount and
frequency and the expenses are within the per-person (per DAY and per-MAR limits
Meals/refreshments must be offered immediately before or immediately after an event and served at the Business Venue
where an event occurred in conjunction with a business meeting.
Gifts, including promotional merchandise
Blocks, pens and other stationary used during campaign are not considered as gifts therefore not counted towards gift
Allowable if the gifts are of nominal value and the associated expenses are within the per-person and per-MAR, even if IBM is not
reimbursing those expenses.
Local ground transportation
Allowable if Business Partner arranges the transportation as a courtesy to transport attendees to a local marketing event and the
expenses are within the per-MAR limit even if IBM is not reimbursing those expenses.
External speakers
Allowable for external speakers (excluding GOE Employee, IBM employee and Business Partner customer or prospective
customer employee speakers), if the expenses are reasonable and customary in amount and frequency and within the per-MAR
limit in Section 5.0, Spending Limits, even if IBM is not reimbursing those expenses.
IBM will not reimburse travel/lodging expenses for speakers. If those expenses are not itemized in an invoice, then
Business Partner will contact the speaker to identify them and will not seek reimbursement of the expenses from IBM.
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Non- Reimbursable Expenses:
A. Sales incentives
B. Advertorials (advertising presented in an editorial format)
C. Business Partner salaries for staff to support marketing efforts, except where explicitly permitted by an
Incentive Offering. Where Business Partner staff salaries are reimbursable per an IO, the following remain nonreimbursable expenses: recruitment fees, benefits and overhead costs associated with staff, as well as costs of
existing resources for demand generation activities (e.g., costs for sales teams used for telemarketing)
D. Services, capital equipment or equipment used in routine business operations, such as furnishings, telephone
equipment, corporate signage or company stationery
E. Demonstration equipment or equipment such as personal computers, laptops, monitors or visual aid products
F. Fees to purchase a Conference Pass to attend an IBM event (other than those fees Business Partner pays for
a Sponsorship Package that includes Conference Passes)
G. Sponsorship fees that a Business Partner charges to IBM for IBM participation in a Business Partner-led
event (for clarity, Business Partner may not use co-marketing funds to cover such fees; rather, if IBM wishes to
participate in the event, it will pay the fees directly)
H. Travel, including lodging, living (such as per diems) and transportation (such as flights and taxi fares)
I. Gift cards
J. Marketing tactics involving competitive products and technologies, in the absence of IBM’s pre-approval to
engage in such tactics
IBM will NOT deny an entire claim because Business Partner incurs a nonreimbursable expense.
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Actions/Expenses that cause an entire Claim to be ineligible
A. Conduct that violates, or that IBM reasonably believes violates, (a) any applicable laws, including local or
agency government regulations or ethics policies, as well as anti-bribery laws (such as the U.S. Foreign Corrupt
Practices Act) or (b) any of the terms of the Agreement, including the Business Partner Code of Conduct and
these Terms and Conditions*
B. Providing cash or any cash equivalent to any participant in a marketing tactic
C. Inviting or permitting family or guests of a customer or prospective customer employee to participate in a
marketing tactic or paying any expenses of such family or guests in connection with a marketing tactic
D. Paying speaker fees to a GOE Employee
E. Providing entertainment or any other follow-on, satellite/surround activities in connection with an event
F. Directly or indirectly paying or requiring the payment of an entrance fee for a ticket, pass, registration or
otherwise at an event or in connection with any follow-on, satellite/surround activity to an event
G. Holding an event or any follow-on, satellite/surround activity to an event in a non-Business Venue (including,
for example, a sporting arena, concert venue, amusement or theme park, bar, nightclub or hotel/cocktail
reception area)6
H. Providing a gift card to any participant in a marketing tactic that is convertible to cash or equivalent to cash,
such as a debit or credit-card
I. Making available, participating in or otherwise sponsoring a raffle, sweepstakes, lottery, contest or other game
of chance
J. Paying for a sponsorship at an event that is hosted by or for the benefit of a not-for-profit organization, in the
absence of prior approval from IBM’s Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs group
IBM would reserve the right to deny an entire claim, not just a portion of it.
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GOOD to remember…
Activity Descriptions and Cost Estimates:
All events require detailed activity descriptions and cost estimates for any planned meals/refreshments, gifts, local ground
transportation and speakers. IBM will not reimburse a claim for any expense category where Business Partner provided a
,,zero,, estimates for that category.
Per-Person Limits:
All per-person business amenity limits set are “not to exceed” amounts (i.e., Business Partner may not expend greater
amounts for those business amenities, even from its own separate funds).
Submission of all related tactics under one MAR:
Business Partner agrees to include all related marketing tactics in the same MAR. For example, where Business Partner
uses Advertising and Internet Marketing to drive attendance at a trade show, the Advertising, Internet Marketing and
trade show are all related marketing tactics, and should be included in the same MAR. The per-person limit applies for all
of the marketing tactics covered by a MAR, not separately for each tactic.
Business Venue:
A briefing center, conference center, exhibit hall or
a restaurant with a separate private meeting room, where the
restaurant and meeting room are each appropriate for a business meeting.
Tradeshow Sponsorships:
For IBM tradeshows, Business Partners can sponsor IBM arranged and pre-approved coffee / dessert breaks, meals
and Receptions
For third party trade shows, Business Partners can sponsor ONLY coffee / dessert breaks
Conference Passes:
For 3rd party tradeshows, conference passes must be used by the Business Partner employees or returned to the event
organizer. Conference passes cannot be given to IBM employees or clients!
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General requirements for claim supporting documentation
• 3rd party invoices
or in-house cost
rate sheet
• IBM promotion
• Executed as
• Marketing activity
should start once
approved by IBM
• Claiming
• Expenses for:
speaker fees
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Look how easy the claiming process is ;-))
agenda showing
IBM promotion
activity executed
as agreed MAR
executed after
IBM approval and
claimed on time
correct 3rd party
catering estimated
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Tak, a jak to vše vypadá v praxi ;-)) ?
US Claim: IMCA13003393
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Ďekujeme Vám za pozornost a těšíme se
na vaše hezké České CMC claimy ;-))
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