Certification process

IBM Technical Support
Certification Process
January 2013
Why Certify
IBM Professional Certifications validate that IBM Business Partners have
developed the sales, installation and support skills needed to cope within an
increasingly complex marketplace. Our customers want the IBM Business
Partners they select to have certified skills, and IBM wants to ensure that IBM
Business Partners provide customers with the most qualified sales and technical
support teams
The mission of IBM Professional Certification is to:
Provide a reliable, valid and fair method of assessing skills and knowledge.
Provide IBM a method of building and validating the skills of individuals and organizations.
Develop a loyal community of highly skilled certified professionals who recommend, sell, service, support
and/or use IBM products and solutions.
How to Prepare for Exam
Test Preparation Level 1
This page will include
all the modules needed
to prepare for the test.
Just click on each title to
be taken to the actual
You will need to sign-in
using your PartnerWorld
Test Preparation Level 2
• Test number 000-145
• TSS will host 2 webinar training sessions,
dates to yet be determined
– Late January
– Late February
– After this the module will be posted on PW
University under Level 200
Taking the Test
The level 2 test can be scheduled by selecting the Prometric link and select
Test number 000-145
Look for test 000-144 or 000-145
Documenting Results
Test Results
• Prometric will provide test taker with a score report.
• Prometric’s will send results to the IBM Certification Program
• IBM Program Manager will send email to test taker with directions
on how to retrieve the PDF Certification.
• Please make sure you have setup your profile ID in IBM
Partnerworld Profiling system. Instruction on next page.
Copy of Certification
Reporting and viewing IBM Certifications and Mastery Exams
The Authorized Profile Administrator (APA) at each Business Partner firm is responsible for creating the
candidate ID in the IBM PartnerWorld Profiling System (PPS).
The Reporting of an employee-supplied candidate ID
The Assigning of the employee to the firm agreement
Please follow the 2 step process below:
Reporting IBM Certifications and Mastery Exams in PPS
Link to the PPS system and sign on (https://www304.ibm.com/partnerworld/wps/servlet/ContentHandler/pw_com_udp_index)
Select Update your profile
Select Update your company profile
Select the location profile where the employee resides
Select employee information which is found on the left navigation
Add an employee or select the employee to update
Add a Candidate ID
Enter the Candidate ID supplied on the candidates test score report
Save/Exit and retain the confirmation number for reference.
Assigning the employee candidate to the firm agreement
Sign in to PPS and select the Enterprise Profile
Select 'Agreements' from left side menu options
Select 'Manage Contract Compliance'
Select the ‘Company name'.
Select 'Certification Compliance report'.
Select Assign employee to contracts for the chosen contract. The employee is to be assigned to one location.
Select the 'employee' and then select the radio button for Sales or Technical.
Select the Submit button at bottom of screen.
Employee Movement
Employee movement
The Authorized Profile Administrator (APA) at each Business Partner firm must report
Employee Movement to IBM via the IBM PartnerWorld Profiling System (PPS) in the
Employee Profile Employee End Date Field within 30 days of the employee leaving the firm.
The APA can access this field through the employee's profile. The only step to complete is to
enter the Employment End Date.
When a Business Partner notifies IBM via the PPS Employee Movement Reporting Function
that a certified employee has left and the firm no longer meets the certification requirement,
the firm qualifies for a three month grace period for both (VAE) and (Platform Certification) in
order to meet the certification requirement by achieving and reporting the required
If the Business Partner fails to notify IBM within 30 days of the employees last workday that
the certified employee has left their firm, leaving the firm without certification in a product
area, the Business Partner forfeits the grace period. When IBM discovers that a certified
employee has left the firm without prior notification from the firm, IBM will under normal
circumstances notify the firm via a "Notice of Deauthorization" letter, however IBM reserves
the right to terminate with notice the Business Partner's approval to sell the affected IBM
Retake Policy
IBM Test Retake Policy
The same certification test may be taken only two times within a 30 day period.
If a certification exam is not completed successfully on the first attempt, there is no
waiting requirement before taking the test a second time. However, candidates may not
take the same test more than twice within any 30 day period of time.
Additionally, retakes are not allowed after the successful completion of an exam.
A test result found to be in violation of the retake policy will not be processed, which will
result in no credit awarded for the test taken. Repeat violators will be banned from
participation in the IBM Professional Certification Program.
For FAQ’s on Certification please visit